(NPCSCB) Mission Karmayogi 2021 मिशन कर्मयोगी योजना, लक्ष्य, उद्देश्य व लाभ

India is currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In this situation, the government is giving his support to the citizen of India as well as possible. The government is announcing many schemes that help the people of India in many ways. The capital of India is Delhi. The union government is launching the scheme in Delhi. The people of India are spreading around all over Indian geography.

To provide the advantage of every scheme that is launched by the Indian government for the betterment of the citizen of India to the citizen of India, the government recruit some officers to do their work in every state of India. These officers are called the bureaucracy of India.

The bureaucracy of India will help the Indian government to provide the advantage of every government scheme to every citizen of India. Every district, every state has this type of government officers that were recruited by the government itself only.

The work of these government employees is to encourage people to use the benefits of the government scheme, to do some extra work of the government office, and work for the betterment of the public. The constitution of India has also made the article to keep the benefits of the civil servant safe. So the Government of India has to take care of its bureaucracy.

However, the government also announced some scheme that is beneficial of the civil servants f India. The government also gives the job security of these government servants so that they can do their work without the fear of a job loss.

About Mission Karmayogi:

Recently, on Wednesday, the cabinet of the Indian government has approved the mission called Mission Karayogi. The mission is based on to increase the work capacity and improve the way of working of the bureaucracy of India.

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Every government wants that scheme made by them reaches every citizen of India, and every people can take advantage of that scheme. The government gave this work to the civil servant of India. To empower the civil service of India, the government has recently launched a mission called “Mission Karmayogi.”

The mission is also called the Nation Program For Civil Service Capacity Building (NPCSCB). This will give benefits to the civil servants of India. Due to this program. Civil servants can build their capacity to do work more effectively.

Today, India is implementing the Digital program to all over India. The government made its offices digital. To increase the work efficiency of the civil servants, the government is campaigning this Digital India Program. In India, many civil servants do not know how these digital things will work.

Because of their lack of digital literacy, the officer can not do work more efficiently. For that purpose, the government has launched this mission to educate and to give training to the civil servants to improve their skill knowledge.

We can say that this mission is the major reform in civil services. It is one type of post-recruitment reform. We can take it as similar to the pre-recruitment reform in the form of Nation Recruitment Agency. The main aim of the mission is to create a future-ready civil servant with a good attitude, right skill, and knowledge of new India.

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The mission will work to prepare the civil servant more creative, constructive, imaginative, innovative, progressive, professional, energetic, transparent, and technology-enabled. We can say that it is a comprehensive reform in the civil services. This mission will improve the work capacity of the civil servant, and it results in an improvement in the work capability of the government itself.

Effects of Mission Karmayogi:

The bureaucracy is currently facing many problems like Rule orientation, political interference, inefficiency with promotions, etc. To remove these problems, the government has launched this mission. This mission will improve the efficiency of the civil services in India.

To achieve success in this mission, the government has launched the iGOT Karmayogi Digital Platform. On this platform, the government gives the digital literacy to the civil servant with the help of the global best practices.

This mission will cover the 46 lakh central government employees.  The mission will support the transition from “rules-based to roles-based.” This will help the civil servants to know about their interest in the administrative department, and according to that, they can be posted in the bureaucracy. This mission also improves the “functional and behavioral competencies” of the civil servants.

The civil services s integrated services. That means the service is connected to other departments. However, this mission is governed by the Prime Minister’s Human resource council. The council also includes the chief ministers of the states and cabinet minister of the central government. This will also have the experts of the departments.

There will be a special-purpose Vehicle which governs the digital platform, the iGOT-Karmayogi platform. The government also makes the capacity building commission of India. This commission will help the civil servants to build their capacity in different ways. The different way includes a digital method or a simple and effective way of working. This way will increase the working capacity of the civil servant.

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Future effects of the Karmayogi Mission:

As the working capacity will increase, the work of civil servants will also increase, and it will result in the productive output of the government scheme. The benefit of this scheme will reach to every citizen of India, the citizen’s growth will also increase. This will result in an improvement in the lifestyle of the people of India.

This directly or indirectly will result in the development of India. The GDP of India will also increase, and people become educated, and people can survive without the help of the government.

To evaluate the output performance of the scheme, the monitoring and evaluation framework was also made by the government of India. Knowing the outcome of this mission is also necessary. However, this mission is launched to make the work improvement of civil servants.

To get a more efficient output of this mission, every civil servant should take part in this mission. With the help of every civil servant, you can make this mission successful. This increases the “ease of living” standard of the servants. This mission also increases the “Ease of doing business” of the nation.