Amma Vodi List 2020: Final Eligibility List & Check Online Payment Status

Amma Vodi List 2020: Final Eligibility List & Check Online Payment Status

Corona pandemic affects every sector of the nation. People with low income and medium income came into the below poverty line. According to many rating agencies like moody’s, world bank, Asian development bank, the Gross Domestic Product of the nation will decrease in the next half part of the year by 3% to 5%. Much educated youth lose their job because of lockdown. Poverty is consistently increasing in the nation.

The manufacturing sector of India is always at a low level. Cyclone in the Bay of Bengal virtually affects the agriculture sector (Production sector) of India. At this challenging time, people’s hope towards the Indian government as well as state government is to keep increasing. 

However, the Indian government is trying to improve the GDP rate as well as every sector of the economy in India. The Prime minister has announced the Aatmnirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to redevelop the primary sector (agriculture sector), secondary sector (manufacturing sector) of India.

The central government provides financial help to the citizen of India by declaring PM-KISHAN yojana. PM Awas Yojana, PM Jan Dhan Yojana, Rashtriya Swasthya Bima yojana are the example of the scheme that government has already provided to India’s people. 

Not only the central government but many state governments are also trying to resurrect the condition of their state. States are declaring various types of schemes that will help the citizen of the country. By communicating the scheme, the State government will provide financial help directly or indirectly. Here we will talk about India’s first declared state after independence that is Andhra Pradesh.

Recently, the Andhra Pradesh government announced the scheme for the children who are going to school. The name of the scheme is Amma Vodi Scheme. Today Under this article, I will give you comprehensive information about this scheme, like the final beneficiary list of the scheme, declared by the concerned authority. 

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Amma Vodi Scheme:

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy, announced a flagship scheme for the children of Andhra Pradesh is Amma Vodi Scheme. Andhra Pradesh’s chief minister announced this scheme on 10th June 2019. Under this scheme, many incentives are provided to the children of Andhra Pradesh, who are going to school. 

Who can apply in his scheme:

The motto behind declaring this scheme is to increase the education level of the state. This scheme applies to the mother whose children are going to school. This scheme is only for the people of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The state government gave this benefits to all the mother or guardian in the absence of a mother who belongs to below the poverty line to enable her to gave education of their children from class I to XII including all government institutions, a private institution, Private aided and private unaided school, Jr. collages, a residential school in state from the academic year 2019-20. 

How to apply in this scheme?

The Andhra Pradesh state government announced a flagship program that is popularly called Amma Vodi Scheme. This scheme is originally a part of the NAVARATNALU initiative. This initiative is designed to provide financial help to mothers whose children go to school and who belong to below the poverty line. You can apply under this scheme by online mode. To utilize this scheme, you have to visit the official website of the government. The official website is given here: 

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You can visit this portal to learn more about the scheme and apply it to this scheme. You can see the beneficiary list of the scheme on this portal. 

Details of AP Amma Vodi scheme:

Name Amma Vodi Scheme

State Andhra Pradesh

Launched by CM Jagan Mohan Reddy

Beneficiaries Mothers whose children go to school

Financial benefit ₹15,000

Objective To Improve Education level in the state.

Official website

Features Of the Scheme:

This scheme is one of the best initiatives of the Andhra Pradesh government towards education. This scheme may improve the education level of the state and literacy in India. However, education is the key to the progress of the nation. This scheme will provide financial help to the mother of the children to study, and their knowledge will make them a very respectful citizen of India. As we can say, the future of India is safe in the hand of today’s youth. To take the benefits of this scheme, you should have t know about the scheme’s features:

  • The intensive amount of the scheme will be transferred to the beneficiaries by direct payment method online to the applicant’s account.
  • When beneficiaries complete their education till standard 12, then this scheme’s benefits will not be provided to the beneficiaries or mother of beneficiaries.
  • Every year, the payment of the incentive amount will be given to the beneficiaries in January month.
  • If beneficiaries decide to leave the education, the incentive will not be given to the beneficiaries.

The benefit of the scheme:

The seventh-largest state’s (Andhra Pradesh) government announced this scheme to provide financial help to their state’s citizens. And this scheme is also beneficial for mothers and children of the state. Here are some benefits to this scheme:

  • The first benefit we can take is ₹15,000 will be provided to the below poverty line families.
  • People with poor financial conditions can also complete their education.
  • BPL family will not have to leave their study because of their financial condition.
  • This scheme applies to all the families who are having a BPL card. So there is no cast, religion barrier for the applicant. The scheme is the same for all the cast and religious families.
  • This scheme’s advantage is the state’s education level will improve, and educated youth will develop the nation.
  • Seeing this scheme from a different corner, we can say that the state’s per capita income will also improve.
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Essential Document required for the scheme:

  • Children’s Aadhaar Card
  • Parent’s identity card
  • Residence certificate
  • Bank account information
  • Details of school

Payment method:

As per the given information on the government’s official website, the intensive payment of this scheme will provide directly to the applicant’s bank account. This amount will transfer to the bank account of the applicant in January month every year. The amount keep transferred to the applicant bank account until the applicant does not finish its standard 12.