Zombies will attack this fall in triple game

Chain AMC is determined to continue exploiting the reef opened by

The walking dead
a decade ago. On October 31, 2010 Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) woke up from a coma in a hospital and discovered a new reality in which zombies had taken over the planet. Even today it is unknown what happened to reach such a critical situation, but history has already given for ten seasons a phenomenon that, despite the logical wear and tear of audience, continues to interest much of the planet. In addition, it has given rise to two derived series: Fear the walking dead , released in 2015, and World beyond
, which will premiere next October along with new seasons of its major series. And it is that this fall you have to prepare for the zombies to attack in a triple game.

The three series were the protagonists of one of the days of Comic Con held last week in San Diego, which this time was held virtually because of the coronavirus. The AMC chain announced that The walking dead It will return on October 4 with the sixteenth episode of its tenth season, which was due to air last April to close the installment but was unable to do so due to the pandemic. Those responsible for the series announced that this tenth season will have six extra episodes that will air in early 2021. The eleventh season of the fiction is scheduled to not premiere until autumn 2021.

New sequel ‘World beyond’ joins’ Fear the walking dead ‘as three films with Rick Grimes’ character are being prepared

The chapter that will be released in the United States on October 4 – and that will arrive a day later in Spain through the Fox channel – is titled A certain doom (A certain fate) and will contain the clash between Beta’s army and the different communities of survivors, as revealed by the initial minutes of the episode shown at Comic Con. In these images you can see Maggie, an iconic character who returns to the series after the actress Lauren Cohan left her to start new projects that have not caught on.

That same October 4 will also take place the premiere of the second sequel to the saga, World beyond , and a week later the return of Fear the walking dead . Both sequels are broadcast in Spain by the AMC channel, which will also offer them the day after their original release.

The walking dead: World beyond It opens half a year later than expected, since AMC had to indefinitely postpone its launch – one of its major events in the chain for this 2020 – because of the pandemic. This sequel wants to rejuvenate the audience of the zombie franchise and for this it focuses on the first generation of a surviving civilization in this post-apocalyptic world: two sisters and their friends leave behind a comfortable and safe home and will face different dangers, both alive and dead, because they will be persecuted by those who try to protect them but also by others who try to harm them. AMC has conceived the series in this case as a “limited event”, which will have only two seasons of 10 episodes each, which is always appreciated to avoid the stories dragging out meaninglessly.

The second series of the franchise, Fear the walking dead , also saw the premiere of a new season suspended – it had to be in the summer – and the AMC network took advantage of this virtual Comic Con to announce that its sixth installment will finally arrive on October 11. In the trailer shown, Morgan – a character from the original series and played by Lennie James – is seen bleeding to death to later show a bounty hunter trying to locate her.

In addition to these three series, three films will also be underway to star in Rick Grimes after this character disappeared from the series aboard a helicopter during the ninth season. The actor who brings it to life, the British Andrew Lincoln, left the series to spend more time with his family in London but signed to star in these three films that will expand the successful post-apocalyptic universe created by Robert Kirkman.

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