Why ‘Succession’ is the substitute for ‘Game of Thrones’ at the Emmy Awards (and you have to see it)

In the previous edition of emmy awards There was one detail that did not go unnoticed: Succession, even in a very competitive season and with HBO already having a presence in the category of best drama series with Game of Thrones, had slipped into the pool. The actors had not made a dent in their respective categories but on the day of the ceremony the Roy family gave a good blow on the stage: Jesse Armstrong, the creator, took the Emmy for the best script for her portrait of the Roy family,.

At that time, an idea settled in the minds of journalists in the media: If Succession had taken that award, it is because in 2020 it was going to take the award for the best drama series. At the moment, with 16 nominations to her credit, she starts as a favorite against an arsenal of the most varied productions: Better call Saul, Ozark, The Crown, Stranger things, El cuento de la criada, Killing Eve and The Mandalorian.

Jeremy Strong, nominated for Best Leading Actor.

Jeremy Strong, nominated for Best Leading Actor. (AP)

Why was it so clear? Well, for a circumstance that usually happens with the Emmy Awards. The series that enter into competition are those that are broadcast between June 1 and May 31 of the following year. When Succession it took the Emmy for the best screenplay, it was in the middle of the second season, which was receiving even better reviews and, according to HBO data, it was increasing in audience. It seemed to predict the future: if the first one had snatched the prize from Game of Thrones The Killing Eve, with the second HBO I would go for it.

The prediction came true and all the love Game of Thrones received as the greatest television phenomenon of the last decade moved to a less massive work but with a good legion of admirers. And you just have to see the results. From not having nominated actors to having a total of nine: Jeremy Strong y Brian Cox compete as protagonists, Sarah Snook as secondary, Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin y Matthew McFadyen faces are seen as secondary and in the guest categories are James Cromwell, Cherry Jones y Harriet Walter.

Brian Cox, also nominated for Best Leading Drama Actor.

Brian Cox, also nominated for Best Leading Drama Actor. (AP)

In also important sections it also has a presence, Armstrong competes again for the best screenplay and has a double nomination in directing by episodes of Mark Mylod and Andrij Parekh. In summary, it’s where it needs to be to dominate on the night of September 21.

To make matters worse, it fits into the reading of current times. On the one hand, it has interpretations in a state of grace, incisive and biting lines that delight lovers of adult fiction and HBO spares no resources: Succession It is a display of production in each and every one of its scenes. On the other hand, as I have explained in this other article on nominations, his radiograph on power and privilege in a society that falsely sells itself as a meritocracy is very timely.

The series is over 1% (or, better said, 0.01%) and all of it is luxury: you can see that HBO does not skimp on resources

The series is over 1% (or, better said, 0.01%) and all of it is luxury: you can see that HBO does not skimp on resources (Peter Kramer / AP)

The Royes led by the patriarch, Logan (Brian Cox), may freely draw inspiration from Rupert Murdoch, but the lack of moral principles of all family members reminds of the current environment of the White House, full of advisers, heirs and people of unquestionable immorality (there is no other way to think about Donald Trump, his son Don, the hypocritical Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner).

If you want to reward quality, Succession is the best option. If you want to give a vote that represents the current times, Succession It is also the best option (as Watchmen is in a miniseries). And, if you want to vote conservatively, Succession is again the best option. What is less brave than betting on the HBO horse.

If you want to reward quality, ‘Succession’ is the best option, and it is also if you want to vote for a series that represents the current times

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