TV3 does not cancel ‘Com si fos ahir’: there will be a fourth season in November

The future of As if it were yesterday He was in the air because of the budget problems of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals and the public was upset. The emission of a series of sobremesa in TV3 It is almost a natural right of the citizens of Catalonia or so it seemed since the public channel began to broadcast New town in 1994. And, as reported on Tuesday TV3, finally the series created by Núria Furió will have a fourth season.

The emision of As if it were yesterday and of political satire Poland was in the air due to the economic problems of the CCMA: the fall in advertising revenue due to the COVID-19 crisis is conditioning TV3 projects. They will close this financial year with 15 million euros less than expected and star productions of the channel such as Polònia and Com si fos ahir were on the air.

Precisely these days, actors such as Roger Coma linked to the tabletop series uploaded videos to social networks with the tag # salvemlaficció and where they claimed the importance of this format of series that have shaped Catalan audiovisual culture with titles such as Poblenou, Lineage of power, Labyrinth of shadows, The heart of the city The I would laugh.

Of course, there will be consequences: both Poland how As if it were yesterday They will not return in September or early October, but the episodes will not air on TV3 until the first week of November. From the CCMA they warn that, If the income forecast were to improve, the release date could be brought forward.

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‘Poland’ will also return in November

The economic problems of TV3 are what have led director Vicent Sanchis to resort to barter with other televisions to offer new content to the public at zero cost. For example, they are broadcasting the family series
from IB3, the Catalan autonomous Balearic Islands; they also issued the Valencian The stranger by À Punt Mèdia; and Playz de Rtve issued Drama in exchange for transferring the rights of Merlin and Cites, with the consequent controversy in social networks due to the extensive use of Spanish in the series.