‘The paper house’: The fifth season will be the last

In Netflix prepare to say goodbye to one of their most iconic series around the planet: The fifth season of La casa de papel, which begins filming next Monday in Denmark, will be the last and the Professor’s band will say goodbye forever.

This news has a surprising point. While it has become common for Netflix to close or cancel the series after three seasons, it seemed that La casa de papel would be saved for a simple reason: it is a bombshell worldwide with an estimated audience of over sixty million of spectators. But no, not even the professor receives a favorable treatment.

After producing three seasons under the Netflix label, he meets the guillotine

Perhaps in the international market you will think that La casa de papel survived Netflix’s philosophy of producing three or four seasons at most because they prioritize the production of new titles that the veterans maintain, since they increase production costs and do not provide new users, but the reality is that it will only have developed three brief seasons under the umbrella of the content platform. The first two, which were sold in the rest of the world as Netflix’s own, were actually from Atresmedia as Spanish viewers well know.

This information has been announced in a report for the American magazine Entertainment Weekly where Álex Pina, the creator who has a creative agreement with Netflix to develop more content for the platform, reports the plans for the final episodes: “We move from a chess game (an intellectual strategy) to a war strategy: attack and containment”.

Miguel Herrán is Rio.

Miguel Herrán is Rio. (Tamara Arranz Ramos / Netflix)

The last time we saw the band with Álvaro Morte, Jaime Lorente, Itziar Ituño, Úrsula Corberó, Belén Cuesta and Miguel Herrán, viWe see the professor’s men together and locked in the Bank of Spain with the Professor discovered and in danger by Alicia Sierra, the unforgiving inspector and played by Najwa Nimri.

The filming of the last season, which will take them from Denmark to Spain and Portugal, will have the challenge of giving the episodes with the most adrenaline to date: “Every thirty seconds things happen and dislodge the characters.” However, now the band will be seen against the ropes and “irreversible situations” and that is why it will be the “most epic part we have filmed”.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, winner of the GQ for Best National Actor, at the GQ 2019 awards in Madrid.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, winner of the GQ for Best National Actor, at the GQ 2019 awards in Madrid. (Sergio R Moreno / GTRES)

Another surprise they have given the magazine is the incorporation of two new Spanish actors. On the one hand, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a Netflix boy after having worked in Sense8, joins. On the other, it will also be Patrick Created, which became known especially with the first of Plastic Sea. He has not given details of the characters they will play but warns that “we always try to make opponents charismatic, intelligent and brilliant.”

In total, therefore, there remain ten episodes and the band must turn the page.

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