The Antena 3 multiplex: a bad influence becomes ‘A father’s nightmare’

Summer reaches its equator, temperatures do not stop rising and we have plenty of reasons to soak. But after eating, we all want to get rid of the worst hours of heat and the freshness of the home and Antena 3 offers us a compelling reason to share the after-dinner with them before going back to the beach or the pool.

The afternoon of Saturday, August 1 we will spend with A parent’s worst nightmare, a harrowing thriller that will show us the terrifying extremes that psychological manipulation can lead to.

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Following the sudden death of his wife, Matt sends his daughter Lisa to college, hoping that by embarking on a new adventure, he will overcome his loss. There, the girl soon befriends Vanessa, her roommate. What she does not expect is that the young woman has obtained the room by blackmailing an employee of the university.

Very soon, Vanessa’s manipulation isolates Lisa. The innocent freshman will begin to consider suicide as she slowly destroys her life through drugs, paranoia, and manipulation. More vulnerable than ever, her roommate will take her away from her father, who won’t discover her true motives until it’s too late.

The series ‘His worst nightmare’ takes hold in Antena 3

Under the Lifetime signature there have been titles of intrigue and romance that border on terror to form an authentic series of telefilms with their own style. In recent years we have been able to see these films on television thanks to Atresmedia. With its Multicinema space in Antena 3 we have approached some of the films by the series ‘A … Nightmare’. Thus, on other occasions we have already been able to enjoy Family secrets, A wife’s nightmare and of Accusations and lies, which he now joins A father’s nightmare.

If you don’t want to miss them, here are the titles of the saga:

Her worst nightmare (A Mother’s Nightmare, 2012)

Blood Sisters (A Sister’s Nightmare, 2013)

Ariel’s nightmare (A Daughter’s Nightmare, 2014)

A wife’s nightmare (A Wife’s Nightmare, 2015)

Family secrets (A Surrogate’s Nightmare, 2017)

A father’s nightmare (A Father’s Nightmare, 2018)

Accusations and lies (Anniversary Nightmare, 2019)

A father’s nightmare (A Father’s Nightmare)

Canada, 2018. Dir .: Vic Sarin.
Int.: Annabeth Gish, Lucia Walters, Joel Gretsch, Ana Golja, Jessica Lowndes.

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