‘Stargirl’ renews for a second season with changes

Stargirl, the DC Comics superheroine, appeared this spring with her first season and seven weeks after her premiere her destiny is already known: will have a second season, not yet released in the United States.

This renovation comes with changes to your accommodation in the United States. The Warner Bros series belonged to DC Universe, the content platform that this studio had created with comic book fans in mind, always pending adaptations of their favorite characters. Due to channel synergies, the episodes aired the day after they were released on The CW, a channel whose 50% ownership is owned by Warner Bros.

The renovation does not belong to DC Universe, its first house, but has been The CW who has asked for a second season. It will emit it in scoop. This change, for the record, could have to do with the restructuring of everything that has to do with Warner Bros.

As it is in the AT&T conglomerate, it is not ruled out that the DC Universe platform disappears to integrate in some way with HBO Max, the platform that links Warner Bros with the HBO brand, also owned by AT&T. For example,
Doom Patrol
, another DC adaptation, has had a second season co-produced between DC Universe and HBO Max.

These changes are not likely to affect these where the series airs on HBO Spain. Stargirl focuses on Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), a Los Angeles teenager who lost her father and discovers that her stepfather has secrets (secrets that will help her in her process to become a superhero, of course).

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