Ramayan April Episode: Hanuman getting emotional from his lord Ram

Ramayan April Episode: Sugriva sends Hanuman the minister to him to know the reality of Rama-Laxman. On seeing Hanuman, Rama recognizes his biggest devotee. However, he does not let it be known. Hanuman describes him as his introduction and says that he is Kesari Nandan, the total priest of Sugriva. Hanuman starts asking many questions to know all the differences, on which Lakshman gets very angry.

Hanuman asks what reason has come here and who gave the address here? Ram tells Hanuman that Mata Sabari has given Sugriva’s address. He can help us. Hanuman asks Rama to reveal his true identity. They say that if they reveal their true identity, they can introduce King Sugriva. Listening to Hanuman, Lakshmana introduces him and says that he is Rama and Lakshmana, the son of Dasaratha, the king of Ayodhya. Hanuman is surprised at hearing Rama’s name and immediately falls into Rama’s feet. Rama picks up Hanuman and hugs him. Ram says- You are just as dear as my Lakshmana and Bharata. He then takes Rama and Lakshmana to Sugriva sitting on his shoulder.

The evening episode of April 4 showed that Shurpanakha goes to the King Naresh Ravana after his disrespect from Ram and Laxman and the death of his brother Khar-Dushan. She praises Sita very much in front of Ravana and says that “You have all the gems of the universe, Sita is like a gem in women.” Burning in the fire of revenge, Shurpanakha further says that when I went to ask her for you, these evil Rama and Lakshmana did bad luck with me and Laxman got angry and cut my nose. I told both of them that I am the sister of Lankadhipati Ravana, on which both of them challenged you and said that we are not afraid of anyone. Please go and take Sita by force or fraud because Rama’s life resides in his Sita.

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Enraged by this pathetic condition of his sister, Ravana decides to take Sita out of deceit, despite his brother Vibhishan and wife Mandodari’s refusal to approach Marich. Ravana requests Maricha to take the form of a beautiful deer from her illusion and go in front of Sita. When Sita sees him, he will surely be attracted and stubbornly seek Rama from him. As soon as Rama leaves them alone, Ravana disguises and kidnaps Sita.

Initially, Maricha did not agree and suggested Ravana give up his stubbornness. But in the end, he decided to sabotage with the arrows of Ram ji and go to heaven. Chita Sita did in Mrig Trishna what Ravana thought. As soon as Sita crossed the Lakshman Rekha made by Lakshman, the evil Ravana picked up Sita and proceeded towards Lanka. Let’s know what will be special in today’s episode-