Mario Casas is ‘Toro’, the brother of Luis Tosar

Two brothers meet again after five years. One of them, Toro (Mario Casas) has been in prison and is trying to redirect his life. The other, López (Luis Tosar), after robbing a dangerous perista, he runs away with his little daughter Diana (Claudia Canal). Toro, who just wanted to live in peace with Estrella (Ingrid García-Jonsson), he must intervene to help his brother. Father, uncle and daughter undertake a journey through a mythical, violent and wild Andalusia. A journey in which the old wounds of the past reappear and in which the brothers are forced to reconcile in order to save their lives.

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José Sacristán, luxury reinforcement

After debuting with Eva (2011), film for which he won the Goya for Best New Director, the second solo work he directed Kike Maíllo was Toro. Just before bringing this action thriller to the big screen, the Catalan director shot the medium-length film. You and I, starring the singer David Bisbal and María Valverde.

Toro brought together in the same cast two of the best-known actors of current Spanish cinema and added another classic on the national artistic scene. Mario Casas and Luis Tosar, as protagonists, joined forces for the first time in the same project and Joseph Sacristan, playing a supporting role, endowed the cast with even more renown.

Esp., 2016. 100 min. Action. Dir .: Kike Maíllo. Int .: Mario Casas, Luis Tosar, José Sacristán, Ingrid García Jonsson, Claudia Canal, José Manuel Poga, Luichi Macías, Alberto López, Nya de la Rubia.

'toro' 2016, with mario casas and luis tosar

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