‘Lucifer’: season 5 premiere date, trailer and news on Netflix

At the end of season 4, Lucifer was forced to resume his duties in hell to restore the natural order to the world, sacrificing on the way his nascent relationship with Chloe, who was willing to love him despite being the devil himself. To everyone’s surprise, Lucifer left and his last glance took place in the same hell, sitting on the throne that he should never have abandoned as punishment for having rebelled against his Father.

This is how Lucifer’s adventures ended. On August 27, Netflix premieres the fifth and penultimate season of the series that was canceled on Fox and is having a new life on the platform.

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What will happen in season 5

It will start life in Los Angeles without the devil around, although apparently in the trailer for the next episodes, Tom Ellis’s drought will be short lived, although not in the way everyone believed.

Archangel Michael will pose as Lucifer to all his friends, including Chloe, although he will be discovered soon enough and at the right time, the true ‘Luci’ will return to earth to face him and regain his place among mortal beings.

Beyond her grief over Lucifer’s absence, Chloe’s fate is also at stake. Will she discover that it is part of God’s plan for Lucifer? It is not yet clear what the Devil’s Father is looking for, but that she has something big on her hands, that’s for sure.

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Meanwhile, Mazikeen will also contend with the feeling of abandonment, on both Lucifer’s and Eve’s side, and as she will be the first to discover the true identity of the Lux’s new owner, it remains to be seen what she will do with that information.

The signings

On January 6, Warner Bros. TV announced the hiring of Dennis Haysbert (“24”) as the Father of Lucifer. From the same debut of the fifth installment, Haysbert will be seen as the Almighty, replacing Neil Gaiman, co-creator of the Lucifer character for Vertigo Comics and who lent him his voice in an episode of the third season.

On the other hand, on June 26, the special participation of Rob Benedict (“Supernatural”) as Vincent Le Mec, a French mercenary whose violent work takes him to Los Angeles and to the sights of Lucifer, was announced. Benedict will appear in the penultimate chapter of this season.

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