Jet Li’s impossible love in ‘Romeo must die’

Two Mafia families, the Sing, Asian, and the O’Day, African-American, bound by tradition, have been engaged in a brutal war for years to control the Oakland docks. Everything worsens even more when Po (Jon Kit Lee), the son of the Asian kingpin, is killed by Isaak O’Day (Delroy Cute), the maximum responsible for African American organized crime. The terrible news reaches Po’s older brother Han (Jet Li), a legendary former policeman who is incarcerated in a Hong Kong prison. It doesn’t take too long to elope and head for the North American shores.

Han, a stranger to his own family, cannot find the answers he needs and ends up becoming the main target not only of the African-American side but also of anonymous assassins whose weapons reach beyond the docks of the working class. In this rarefied environment of insurmountable rivalries and violent betrayals, Han has no choice but to declare war on his own. To make matters worse, he falls in love with the last person he should be: Trish O’Day (Aaliyah).

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La ópera prima de Andrzej Bartkowiak

With the history of Romeo and Juliet as a backdrop which William Shakespeare wrote in the late sixteenth century, Andrzej Bartkowiak brought his first feature film to the big screen under the title Romeo must die. Jet Li, who made the definitive leap to the American film industry with this film, led the cast of the first job in which he placed himself under the command of the Polish director, with whom he returned to work in Born to die (2003). Among the cast members, she also highlighted the presence of the singer Aaliyah, who playing the role of Trish O’Day debuted as an actress in the cinema.

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Romeo Must Die. EE.UU., 2000. Acción. 115 min. Dir.: Andrzej Bartkowiak. Int.: Jet Li, Aaliyah, Isaiah Washington, Russell Wong, Delroy Lindo, D.B. Woodside, Henry O, Jon Kit Lee, Edoardo Ballerini, Anthony Anderson, DMX, Terry Chen.

'Romeo Must Die' (2000), with Jet Li and Aaliyah.

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