Why Samsung Is Ruling The Global Smartphone Industry

Few brands — if any — evoke as much respect, reverence, and sense of trust like Samsung does, especially when it comes to smartphones. The South Korean giant has been the industry leader for nearly a decade, and has cultivated a loyal fan base that only uses Samsung devices. When Steve Jobs was adamant that smartphones were meant to be pocket devices, and hence couldn’t have 5-inch displays, it was Samsung that stood out of the pack, and proved Jobs and Apple wrong.

As both brands collided for market domination, it was the consumers that reaped the rewards, as they were offered feature-rich, high-end devices that broke the proverbial shackles. Smartphones started getting smarter, and it was Samsung that was at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Today, Samsung offers a wide range of smartphone series that are catered to different consumer segments and offering some of the best mobile under 15000. From its highly-acclaimed Galaxy S series, to the more budget-friendly Galaxy M and Galaxy A series, the brand is working hard on all fronts to offer the much-vaunted Samsung experience to the consumers. But how has Samsung managed to strike the right chord with the consumers? We delve into the reasons behind Samsung’s global appeal, and its popularity among the masses.

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Global leader in innovation

When we talk about innovation in the smartphone industry, we have to mention Samsung. From breaking the norm and offering smartphones with over 5-inch displays, to providing budget-friendly models with massive batteries, and finally, offering luxurious foldable smartphones and phones with 108MP cameras, Samsung has been a pioneer and a trailblazer. This has worked in the brand’s favour, as it has withstood the test of time, and continues to remain one of the most dependable smartphone brands in the world.

Samsung’s penchant for innovation doesn’t just show in the phone’s features. The brand also makes excellent chips and components, and used to provide components to Apple over a decade ago for its smartphones, and still provides over ninety percent of the OLED displays Apple uses for its iPhones.

Catering to different segments

Brands need to reassess their positioning in different markets, and that is what Samsung has been extremely good at. Specifically talking about the Indian market, Samsung has been able to reposition itself, and offer affordable smartphones specifically targeting the budget and mid-range consumer segments.

The OEM’s M-series and A-series offer excellent smartphones that come with attractive price tags. For instance, Samsung new mobile, the Samsung F41 is regarded by many as one of the best mobiles under 15,000 INR, which highlights Samsung’s commitment to the budget consumers.

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Samsung also offers excellent mid-range and mid-premium phones, while we all know about the brand’s flagship Galaxy S-series. From state-of-the-art 108MP cameras, to 6,000mAh batteries, 16GB RAM and foldable displays, Samsung truly offers a unique user experience, something that has set Samsung smartphones apart from the rest for the past decade.

Established brand name

Samsung is one of the most popular consumer electronics brand, and has been in existence for what feels like forever. Given the fact that it is already a household name, the brand has legions of loyal fans. Even when we talk about the Indian smartphone industry, before the likes of Xiaomi, Realme and OPPO entered the Indian market, Samsung was ruling the roost, and was the leading smartphone manufacturer until Xiaomi dethroned the brand.

But Samsung is now clawing its way back by offering impressive budget and mid-range devices. Even though Xiaomi has now cemented itself as the king of budget and mid-range phones in India, that does not take anything away from Samsung as a brand. When it comes to global popularity, Samsung is still the undisputed leader, and will remain so at least for the next few years.

The Samsung experience

When Samsung positioned itself as a direct rival to Apple’s iPhones, the brand did so by highlighting the ‘Samsung experience’, making it one of the most popular phones among Google Pay casino sites. Running on Android OS and powered by impressive processors, Samsung offers a unique user experience to the consumers.

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Like most of the premium brands that build their reputation by offering unparalleled user experience, Samsung too has carved a placed for itself in the smartphone industry. This separates the South Korean tech giant from other top brands like Apple and Xiaomi, and has also ensured that it remains the most popular smartphone brand in the world.