‘The awakening’: a ‘Goodbye, Lenin!’ in blaugrana key

2015 was the year of Barça treble Luis Enrique: Cup, League and Champions. An unforgettable year that no Blaugrana follower would want to miss. But, in the event that you could not have enjoyed it, how far could you go in order to relive a year like that? The documentation Waking up, A production of Barça Studios With the support of Brutal Media and the participation of TV3, which premieres this Sunday at 10:05 pm simultaneously on TV3 and Barça TV, imagine what a granddaughter could do so that her grandfather could live a year like 2015 after missing it. because of a coma.

Written by David Castillo, directed by Kiko Ruiz Claverol and starring Lluís Marco, Natàlia Barrientos and Jordi Vilches, Waking up It starts in February of that year, when Martina (Barrientos) and her grandfather, Pau (Marco), a 70-year-old retired widower, watch a Barça game at home with the usual passion. That night Pau has a seizure and goes into a coma. Months later he wakes up and the doctors explain to Martina that her grandfather has significant partial memory losses. We must ensure that she does not receive bad news and that she lives surrounded by happiness.

Martina will be inspired by a movie that she loves, Goodbye, Lenin! –In which a son hides from his mother just out of a coma the fall of the Berlin wall– to revive his grandfather that successful season. He takes advantage of the fact that he practices on Barça TV to get images of the matches and passes the highlights to his grandfather, as if they were lived live, for which he will find a great ally in the neighbor below, Quim (Vilches), a lonely musician.

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The director of this documentary, Kiko Ruiz Claverol, reveals that “there is a parallelism of a comeback and a spirit of improvement” between the two lines of the production, between the revision of the 2015 Barça matches and the love and friendship story of the protagonist trio, “some solitary beings who unite thanks to the Barça bond”.

“It is a small story, beautiful and simple, with a happy ending, which serves to pay tribute to that Barça of five years ago. A Barça that used to look at it and now admire it, this is the difference ”, says the director, who adds that he has tried to Waking up show, with the distancing of time, “the beauty of football, including some historic goals by Messi” and that may be liked not only by fans from Barcelona but also by those who are not from Barça or who do not even like football.


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