Hamilton: “My heart was in a fist, it almost stopped me”

Lewis Hamilton didn’t want to hear the word lucky at the end of the 52 laps of the British GP, which marked his third consecutive victory in the World Cup. “Lucky? I’ve won a race reaching the finish line with three wheels“Replied the Englishman, who lived an odyssey,”something never seen”In his long career in Formula 1.

He drama was unleashed at the start of the last lap of the 52 in the race. Hamiltonwhat had overwhelmed, without disheveled, having only to manage the accumulated income on Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen, he saw the danger grow bigger when he faced the victory: a puncture of the left front tire threatened his victory, despite the enormous accumulated advantage.

Hamilton’s drama

“My heart almost stopped. They were counting me down, 9, 8, 7 seconds … I had never experienced anything like this ”

its story reflected the suffering lived: “Until that last lap everything was going well, Valtteri was pulling hard and I was managing. When they told me that his tire burst I have not stopped looking at mine, everything seemed to be fine, the car turned without problem and I thought that everything would be fine. But when entering the straight I noticed that the left front wheel has deflated, I had the heart in a fist, I tried to keep the speed so that the tire wouldn’t be thrown off. I almost did not arrive in the last corners, but thank God we did it ”, explained Hamilton, who lived a countdown heart attack.

Hamilton checks how the flat tire was

Hamilton checks how the flat tire was (Bryn Lennon / AP)

One of the factors that helped him was the fact that Verstappen, on the previous lap, go out to put on your soft gums to perform the fastest lap race at the last turn. If he hadn’t, the Dutchman would have been closer and would have won.

Not afraid of triumph

“I was not worried, Bono was giving me the difference, I had a 30 second margin. I hardly made it in the last corners, but thank God we did it. ”

“I wasn’t worried, Bono (his track engineer) was giving me the difference, he had a 30-second margin, and when he was going down dramatically, I was thinking how much I had left until the end. The car seemed to turn well and I have reached turn 15 and there I had many problems. At turn 16 I hit the bottom and in the last two corners I had a lot of understeer. They were counting me down, 9, 8, 7 seconds … I’ve never experienced anything like that on the last lap, my heart almost stopped”, Narrated the English, which had 5 seconds left.

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