Guardiola: “If there is a team that can turn it around it is Real Madrid”

Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, assured in an interview with Dazn that if there is a team capable of turning the Champions League tie on August 7 next, it is Real Madrid.

“We have a good result from the first leg. If we play with that result, we will have many difficulties to pass. We have to try to get to the 95th minute saying that it was us with the good and the bad that the team has, ”said the Catalan coach, who will start with a 1-2 harvested at the Santiago Bernabeu. “We shouldn’t think too much about the advantage we have. We know what an advantage it is. If there is a team that can turn it around, it is these great teams, as well as Barcelona or Bayern. They know these competitions and they know how to play them ”.

We should not think too much about the advantage we have. We know what an advantage it is ”

On his rival on the bench next August 7, Zinedine Zidane, Guardiola only had flattery: “As a player it was, bua … What I would have liked to play with him! I had the misfortune to find myself against the French team. It does football very well in good times and bad and I’m glad. Although people may not believe me, because he is from Real Madrid, I am very happy that things are going well because it is very good for football that things go well for people like him. ”

“If he has done what he has done, winning three Champions in a row, taking away two Leagues from Barça when Barça in this decade has dominated this competition like no club in the world, it shows their ability,” he added.

Real Madrid, which will debut the second kit of the 2020-2021 season against City, will not have to go through forty fourteen days for their trip to Manchester, where on August 7 they must play the return of the round of 16 the Champions against Manchester City by Pep Guardiola. The English team won the first leg at Santiago Bernabeu (1-2).

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