Champions League with a curfew in Lisbon

The Champions returns next Friday with the first two matches of the round of 16 remaining to be played, Manchester City – Real Madrid and Juventus – O. Lyon. On Saturday it will be the turn of Barcelona – Naples and Bayern – Chelsea. In this way, the quarter-final table can be completed, if there are no sanitary setbacks, and an unprecedented, attractive and closed-door final phase in Lisbon can be elucidated. While Naples continues to pressure UEFA so that their game against Barça is not at Camp Nou and is already played on Portuguese soil, the Portuguese capital is preparing for the resolution of the maximum continental competition.

It does it between enormous security measures, reinforcing the health protocols and being very attentive to the possible presence of the public despite the fact that the stadiums will only be able to access about 1,000 people, including club workers, soccer players, journalists and UEFA guests. According to a report from the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing (IPAM) Up to 16,000 fans are expected to enter the streets of Lisbon between August 12 and 23. The teams that are already classified for the final phase are Atlético, who will face Leipzig, and PSG, which meet Atalanta. According to the aforementioned report the economic impact for the city of the seven games that will be played at Alvalade and Da Luz will be 50.4 million euros, 49% of which would come from the consumption by the streets of Lisbon of those fans.

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View of the José Alvalade stadium, home of Sporting de Portugal

View of the José Alvalade stadium, home of Sporting de Portugal (Nacho Ballesteros / EFE)

Of course, unless the restrictions change in the coming weeks, the city that potential visitors will meet lives in a kind of curfew to try to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus. Most of the Lisbon establishments are obliged to lower their blinds at 8:00 p.m., strip from which the sale of alcohol is not allowed in gas stations and supermarkets. The restaurants are open a little longer, but only until 23.00.

Restrictive measures

The restaurants are only open until eleven at night

The Lisbon region has been the most affected in the country
by the coronavirus
and gathered from the middle of May 80% of Portuguese cases although in this last week there has been a downward trend. This development has reassured UEFA, which was looking at the situation with concern.

Although what most occupies now the governing body of European football is that there is no positive in the participating teams that could put the end of the competition at risk, as has happened in Spain with the Second Division.

The Covid-19

UEFA’s main concern is that there are no positives among the players

In this sense Barça footballers underwent the first PCR test this Saturday by UEFA. The second will take place next Thursday, 48 hours before the match against Naples. Barcelona hopes to recover Griezmann for that match. Both the former mattress and Dembélé have already done part of the work with the group. Lenglet is on point and will play against the Italians for that match against Griezmann.


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