Arsenal win the Cup against Chelsea and get the European ticket

He Arsenal He emerged gracefully this Saturday from the maze that involved playing one final within another final. Set gunner it was measured by Chelsea with the FA Cup at stake but also forced to win so as not to be out of Europe next season. Not even that Damocles sword was able to cope with the English king of cups, who increased his dominance in the oldest competition in the world with his fourteenth title thanks to a dull but very vibrant victory.

The FA Cup was celebrating its 139th edition and for the first time in history it did so without an audience in the stands. Only 300 people were authorized to be in a Wembley that this time was spooky. Among them, Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta, two coaches looking for their first title on the bench. The first, after completing a great season at Chelsea that he could not sign last summer and who has managed to get a remarkable performance from his staff. The second, after landing quickly and running mid-season to relieve Unai Emery, had classified Arsenal in a poor eighth place in the Premier. It was the Basque, supposed disciple of Guardiola, who ended up smiling. But the game of his team was located in the antipodes of the one proposed by Santpedor.

Definitive mishaps

In just 46 minutes, Chelsea lost Azpilicueta and Pulisic due to injury, and finally Pedro

He had too many factors against Chelsea and could not with them all. The blues lost to injury to Azpilicueta in half an hour. The Spanish captain stuck a race after which he ended up lying down, crying with rage and pain, and had to leave the field. In the first minute of the second half, it was Pulisic, who had overtaken Chelsea in the fifth minute after a good combination with Giroud. His hand went to his right leg and he fell down on the grass. Pedro, in his last service for the cause blue, entered his place. But that was not all. Kovacic He was rigorously expelled more than a quarter of an hour until the end and Pedro himself went on a stretcher in the discount after hurting himself in the shoulder and even having to receive oxygen. Someone at Stamford Bridge had broken a mirror and did not warn.

Pulisic leaves injured FA Cup final

Pulisic leaves injured the FA Cup final (Pool / EFE)

All these mishaps were nothing more than a metaphor for what was the final, poor in football and rich in emotion. Arsenal had no qualms and went looking for long balls for the Aubameyang races. The elaboration was for other lides. As things did not go wrong, little can be blamed on Arteta, whose time at La Masia seems like a mere chapter of his resume.

It was precisely Aubameyang the one who became the hero of the match and Arsenal, and the one who was personally responsible for stamping his passport to play the Europa League next year. The Gabonese striker transformed the penalty tie in half an hour after forcing the free kick against Azpilicueta himself. In the second half, he signed the second, a miniature work of art in which portrayed Zouma with a wonderful break in the area to beat then Caballero – Kepa was again substitute – with a beautiful petroleum jelly. Despite some suffering in the final stretch, Arsenal was able to lift their fourteenth Cup. The joy goes through neighborhoods … of London.


Arsenal, 2 – Chelsea, 1

Arsenal: Martínez; Mairland-Niles; Tierney, Luiz (Sokratis, m.88), Holding, Bellerin; Xhaka, Ceballos; Pepé, Lacazette (Nketiah, m.82) and Aubameyang.

Chelsea: Horseman; Alonso; Rudiger (Hudson-Odoi, m.78), Zouma, Azpilicueta (Christensen, m.35), James; Kovacic, Jorginho; Mount (Barkley, m.79), Pulisic (Pedro, m.49) and Giroud (Abraham, m.78).

Goals: 0-1. Pulisic, m.5, 1-1. Aubameyang, m.28 y 2-1. Aubameyang, m.67.

Referee: Anthony Taylor admonished Ceballos (m.73) by Arsenal and Azpilicueta (m.26), Mount (m.45 + 4), Rudiger (m.75) and Barkley (m.88), in addition to expelling Kovacic (m.73) for a double yellow.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the final of the FA Cup (England Cup) played at Wembley Stadium (London) behind closed doors.

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