Netflix Movie Lonely Planet Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You need to know

Netflix Movie Lonely Planet Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You need to know:

An upcoming romantic movie with an amazing love story from Netflix is currently in the works and this movie, Lonely Planet is all set to release soon. 

Lonely Planet Release Date

Netflix movie Loney Planet is set to release soon, but still, there has been no official notification regarding the same. During 2019, the deals assigned with Netflix according to which they are going to release further parts of the movie, accordingly. 

With official notification from Netflix, we will soon get to know about the release date for Lonely Planet along with more details. 

Lonely Planet Cast

It looks quite odd but the leading roles in the movie are being played by Liam Hemsworth and Laura Dern. Along with them, we will also see Diana Silvers and Younes Boucif in various roles. It would be quite interesting to see these celebrities in different roles. 

Coming to the cast, Diana Silvers was last seen on Netflix comedy series, now-canceled Space Force, 2019 thriller-horror Ma, Birds of Paradise, Glass, and more. Additionally, Boucif is a French actor who has been appreciated for his skills in Standing Up, Magnetic Beats, Ramdam, etc. 

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Loney Planet Creators Team

Susannah Grans is the writer, producer as well as producer of the movie Lonely Planet. She is popular for the 2019 Netflix series Unbelievable. They have a creative partnership between 3dot productions and Netflix. She was also nominated for an Oscar because of her Erin Brockovich script. 

Lonely Planet Storyline

Other than the odd cast of the movie, they have been very secretive about the plot and storyline of the movie. There is not much revealed related to the movie, just that – it is going to be a love story set in Morocco. That’s it. No further details about any locations or story or anything at all. 

With so many details kept under the wraps, the movie with its interesting title is already keeping everything wondering about the storyline. Also with powerful star casts such as Liam Hemsworth and Susannah Grant – everyone is eagerly waiting for the movie to release, and watch it as soon as possible.