Boy Swallows Universe Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Boy Swallows Universe Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Lately, Netflix has been announcing many latest and upcoming series and one of them is Boy Swallows Universe. The title itself crates so much interest in the storyline of the series. 

There are so many things about this book-turned-into series, that will surely make viewers fall in love with the story. Let’s get straight into it and get to know all the latest details regarding the Boy Swallows Universe. 

Boy Swallows Universe Release Date

As of now, the filming has begun in Brisbane, Australia. It will be going on for a few months at least. Later on, the series will undergo various post-production stages. Shooting is expected to be completed around December 2022.

So we can expect to have the series released by 2023. Soon, the makers will be releasing the official schedule for Boy Swallows Universe. 

Boy Swallows Universe Trailer Release

The official trailer has not yet been released as the filming is still on schedule. After the filming has been completed, fans will get to see the official trailer and can know more about it. Netflix will be releasing Boy Swallows Universe Trailer soon through their various social media platforms.

To get all the latest details and notifications regarding the upcoming series, keep in touch with the Netflix official website. 

Boy Swallows Universe Cast Members

  • Felix Cameron as Young Eli
  • Lee Tiger Halley as Gus
  • Travis Fimmel as the boys’ Stepfather
  • Simon Baker as Absent father 
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Mother – Frances
  • Bryan Brown
  • Anthony La Paglia
  • Sophie Wilde
  • Christopher James Baker
  • Deborah Mailman
  • Ben O’Toole
  • Zachary Wan
  • Millie Donaldson 
  • Eloise Rothfield

Boy Swallows Universe Storyline

The book is based on the background having violent working-class suburban housing in Brisbane set in the 1980s. It is about Eli Bell – a 12-year-old boy and his brother Gus, who is mute. Eli’s life is quite complicated because his father is long lost whereas his mother is currently in jail.

Apparently, his stepdad happens to be a heroin dealer, so there’s that. There are some additional people, with quite the background who are associated with Eli and his brother. Gus might be mute but is quite a genius one. The series is all about brotherhood, love, family, and the most important virtue, friendships.

The story of the novel revolves around Eli and how he turns into an adolescent boy from his childhood and everything that he discovers in between. There are many incidents that take place and Eli, as well as Gus, gets to know about so many things associated with their life.

Not just that, we also get to learn many things that are right in front of us but still, we are not able to see them. 

The storyline looks quite interesting and there must be so much more to the story than the official synopsis lets us into. Viewers who happen to be fans of the cast members playing one or more roles in the series must watch such a fascinating story. 

Leading Cast Members

Cast members of the series are quite popular and viewers must have seen them in one of their favorite series/ films. Travis Fimmel who plays the lead role has worked in iconic series such as Warcraft, Vikings, Black Snow, Raised by Wolves, and more. He will be playing the role of Lyle Orlik. 

Another leading cast member is Simon Baker. She will be playing the role of Robert Bell. Viewers might have seen her in Breath, High Ground, The Mentalist, and more. All these series have been quite popular amongst viewers and got her global recognition. 

Fan favorite Phoebe Tonkin will be playing the role of Frances Bell. She has worked in many popular television series such as Babylon, Kid Snow, Transfusion, Westworld, and more. Her role as a werewolf in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off show The Originals have made quite the impact. It got her global recognition and fans across the world. 

Young Eli will be played by Felix Cameron whom you might have seen in Penguin Bloom. Young Gus Bell will be played by Lee Tiger Halley. His popular works include The Heights, Crazy Fun Park, Featherweight, and more. 

Some additional cast members include Bryan Brown, Anthony LaPaglia, Sophie Wilde, HaiHa Le, Christopher James Baker, Deborah Mailman, Ben O’Toole, Zachary Wan, Millie Donaldson, Eloise Rothfield, and more. 

Makers Team of Boy Swallows Universe

John Collee has adapted the story from the Novel and turned it into the series for the series production. Production houses include Brouhana Entertainment, Screen Queensland’s Production Attraction Strategy Anonymous Content, and Chapter One. 

The team of executive producers includes Troy Lum, Andrew Mason, Kerry Kohansky-Roberts, Toby Bentley, Joel Edgerton, Sophie Gardiner, Bharat Nalluri, and more. Various episodes will be directed by different directors. There will be Kim Mordaunt, Bharat Nalluri, and Jocelyn Moorhouse as the directors of the series. 

Fans might have seen their previous works, as they have been working on various diverse projects. Nalluri’s Shantaram was quite the thing. Jocelyn’s works include A Thousand Acres, Proof, How to Make an American Quilt, and more. Kim Mordaunt’s work includes Wakefield, Fires, The Rocket, and many more. 

The production designer is Michelle McGahey along with Shelly Farthing-Dawe as Director of Photography. All the costumes of the series are designed by Kerry Thompson. Angela Conte will be Hair and Makeup artist. Nikki Barrett is the casting director for Boy Swallows Universe. 

Current Status of Boy Swallows Universe

For now, the filming has begun and will be started from Brisbane. Later onwards, other locations will also be shared by the makers of the show.

The filming is expected to be finished around December and then the series will undergo editing and sound mixing etc. stages. Soon, we will get the official update for the release date and additional promotional events. 

Novel Adaption

The series Boy Swallows Universe happens to be an adaption of a Novel from Trent Dalton. Many production houses have teamed up and are now getting the work done to make this amazing series.

Fans who loved the novel, are surely going to see amazing things included in the series. It will be very interesting to see how the series differs from the novel itself. Also, cast members playing various roles would be a fascinating thing to look out for. 

A Limited Series

As described by Netflix, the series Boy Swallows Universe happens to be a “Limited Series.” Hence it would be limited and no follow-up seasons are to be expected. There will be no further seasons of Boy Swallows Universe.

The series is already made with the concept of Limited series in mind. Hence we will get a similar storyline and it will have according to the story ends.