A Quiet Place Spin-off Title Confirmed: Everything you need to know about A Quiet Place 3

Those who enjoyed the A Quiet Place movie series, get ready for a spin-off that is going to be a prequel and will come with so many new twists and stories. 

During the latest CinemaCon, Paramount Pictures revealed that they are going to have a new spin-off for A Quiet Place, following the huge success of A Quiet Place II. 

A Quiet Place 3: Title for the Upcoming Movie

A confirmed title is A Quiet Place: Day one which is all set now to be directed by Michael Sarnoski. There is no more confirmed news about the plot or even the cast for the same. 

We can only guess from the title that the story might be about the early days when aliens started the invasion and everything went to hell. 

A Quiet Place 3 Release Date

A Quiet Place: Day is expected to be released by 2025 in cinemas. Previously released versions of this movie have been quite popular and following that, they are finally going to have the prequel of A Quiet Place. 

A Quiet Place Storyline:

Through A Quiet Place: Part II, we saw that there was an invasion in the opening, it gives us merely a glimpse of what could be happening in the third part of the series. 

Later on, we also got to know about Regan’s family roaming throughout various dangerous places which were, to be honest, one of the most dangerous events. 

A Quiet Place cast and crew members will be joined by Cillian Murphy, Djimon Hounsou, Noah Jupe along with Millicent Simmonds. It will be directed by none other than John Krasinki. 

The Director Explains it All 

John Krasinki, recently confirmed that originally he never even had a single thought about his movie being such a huge success. He didn’t even think of A Quiet Place becoming a series of movies. 

When the first part was a massive success, that was the time when John started taking notes about various possible plots and storylines. Because he then had a few interesting ideas about where the story could go and what can be happening after the second part of A Quiet Place.