Scholly Scholarship App Founder, Net Worth, Latest Updates, and Everything You Need to Know  

Scholly Scholarship App Founder, Net Worth, Latest Updates, and Everything You Need to Know  

A good education is a primary element that builds an individual’s character. But unfortunately, the prices for education are high, and not everyone can afford expensive learning. At that time, deserving students need financial support to continue their studies.

Scholly Scholarship App Details
Company Name Scholly, Inc
Founder Christopher Gray, Bryson Alef, and Nicholas Pirollo
Year April 1, 2013
Headquarters Location Philadelphia, USA
Product Scholarship Application
Company Type Private
Target Market Students
Compatibility Android and iOS
Reality Shows Shark Tank (2015)
Asked for Investement $40,000 for 15% equity
Final Deal $40,000 for 15% equity
Sharks Lori Greiner and John Daymond
Business Status (2023) Active
Official Website
Scholly App Instagram @my.scholly
Cristopher Gray Instagram @cjgray91
Company Valuation $5 million (in 2023)
Christopher Gray Net Worth $20 million (in 2023)

Cristopher Gray launched a scholarship-searching platform, ‘Scholly Scholarship Application,’ to provide a chance and financial backup. Suppose you are a student looking for relevant scholarships for your studies. In that case, this article will provide you with all the information regarding the Scholly Scholarship Application, such as, who the founder is, how do Scholly app works, net worth, and Scholly’s performance in Shark Tank. 

What is The Scholly Application?

In the simplest manner, Scholly is a US-based online application designed to provide assured scholarships to students. Basically, it helps graduates and undergraduates to simplify their search process and assists them in selecting the optimum scholarships. 

However, you should remember that Scholly does not provide the scholarships themselves. The platform uses AI-based technology to scan active scholarships. Here, students can also evaluate the results according to different criteria. This criterion includes due dates, scholarship amounts, and estimated amounts. 

Who is The Founder of Scholly?

Scholly is one of the most promising web applications that offer appropriate scholarships according to user recommendations. Initially, Scholly was founded by Christopher Gray, alumni of Ramsay High School, Birmingham.

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In 2008, Christopher’s mother lost their job due to the recession, and as the eldest of three siblings, he started looking for scholarships online to pay his tuition fees. Fortunately, Christopher received $20,000 through Horatio Alger Scholarship. Later, he team upped with fellow web developers Nick Pirollo and Bryson Alef. 

How Does Scholly Application Work?

Scholly is an online scholarship search tool that helps users find the best scholarships for further studies. The application use AI and search mechanisms to match student profiles and offers scholarship opportunities. 

The platform records active scholarships, awards, and amounts and compares all the details with users’ requirements.

Moreover, it uses the student’s profiles, interests, and academic scores to provide legitimate scholarships. 

Furthermore, Scholly ensure that students get relevant results through searches. Users don’t need to add their Social Security numbers to avoid scams and financial risks. 

Scholly Was Featured in Shark Tank

In 2015, Scholly appeared on Shark Tank and received a combined deal from Lori Greiner and Daymond John. In his initial presentation, the founder, Cristopher, explained the importance of scholarship. He added that many of them go to waste as students are unaware of them.

Here, students need to enter the required information, and in return, they will receive a list of available scholarships. While talking about the company’s revenue, Christopher said the company earns through app-store fess. It costs $0.00 and is available on Apple Store and Google Playstore.

Christopher’s ask was $40,000 for 15% equity, and after understanding the revenue structure and sustainability, Lori Greiner offered him the exact amount with the same percentage.

However, Daymond was also interested in Crishtopher’s company want to invest in it. After competing with Lori Grenier, he finally teamed up with her. At the last moment, they offered a split of 50/50 for 15% equity, and Cristopher accepted their offer. 

Scholly After Shark Tank Updates

After receiving desired deal from the sharks, the company received a positive response from the audience. Scholly received more than 80,000 requests in a couple of hours. And by the end of 2016, over 8 lakh users have downloaded the application. 

After the Shark Tank, Scholly’s revenue, goodwill, and profit touched the sky. The founder, Cristopher, also met with Bill Gates. He was also invited to the White House. 

Scholly Application Net Worth and Valuation

Cristopher Gray is the founder and CEO of Scholly Application. He was featured on the Forbes list of 2016. After cracking the deal from Shark Tank, the company earned huge respect from audiences, especially students. 

Before the Shark Tank, the company’s estimated value was $2.6 million. Later, when the episode aired and the founders won the deal, the company’s valuation overgrows. The net worth of the Scholly Scholarship application is more than $5 million as of 2023. And the owner, Christopher, is often called out by media channels. 

To date, Scholly has helped many graduates and undergraduates to secure relevant scholarships. As of 2023, Cristopher Gray’s net worth is more than $20 million, and he has helped students to secure desired scholarships. 

Advantages and Drawbacks of The Sholly Platform

Scholly is one of the leading platforms to provide educational scholarships to students. It was designed to connect students of all backgrounds.

Here we have added advantages and drawbacks of the platform.

Advantages of Scholly Application: 

  • The foremost advantage of the Scholly app is that you can easily install the application on your device.
  • You can easily search various scholarships through handy features and interfaces.
  • You can also save scholarships on the application and access them later. 

Drawbacks of Scholly Application:

There are no such drawbacks to using the Scholly application. However, you may require a stable internet connection to avoid connectivity errors. 

Furthermore, while searching for the Scholly application, many students accidentally log in to the ‘Scholarly Scholarships App.’ The wrong application or website may lead you to scams, and you may face financial risks.

It’s important to recheck the name to get legitimate scholarships from the Scholly application. 

List of Other Scholarship Applications 

Here is the list of other scholarship applications other than the Scholly app. 

  • RaiseMe
  • ScholarshipOwl
  • PLEXUSS College Admission Help 
  • app
  • College Scholarship Calculator 
  • Fastweb College Scholarships 
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • College Hunch

Bottom Lines

If you are a high school student searching for available scholarships in your domain, the Scholly Scholarship application will be your one-stop solution. It is commendable to know that the company has increased its overall valuation. 

Moreover, the company also offers subscription plans ranging from one month to a year. Finding an online platform with a secure interface is relatively complex; for that matter, The Scholly application has a good name.