Zoom stops new features to focus on security

Zoom promises improvements to its service after criticism of its security and respect for the privacy of users.

Sarah Tew/CNET

After several complaints and reports about user privacy, Zoom will take further steps to address security breaches.

Eric Yuan, CEO of the video calling service, published a letter in which he talks about the multiple reports of security breaches on its platform and the measures to solve them and reveals the exponential growth that Zoom has had in recent months.

“We acknowledge that we have not met the community’s and our expectations regarding privacy and security. Therefore, I am terribly sorry and want to share what we will do about it,” says Yuan in the statement, which also indicates that the platform registered 200 million daily users in March.

Yuan assures that the changes in favor of privacy and security will be made during the next 90 days. The first of these changes is to stop all new feature development “and focus all of our engineering resources” on troubleshooting trust, security and privacy issues.

Zoom will also prepare a transparency report to report on requests for content, files and records. The company will incentivize a rewards program to find bugs or failures; It will conduct penetration testing of its system to pre-empt attackers, and starting the following week, the Yuan itself will conduct a live workshop (10AM US Pacific Time) to offer updates on privacy and security.

Zoom’s desktop app received a software update on Thursday, April 2, which is already preparing the application for these workshops that Yuan will teach.

“Transparency has been a fundamental part of our culture,” says Yuan. “I am committed to being open and honest with you about areas that we are going to strengthen and areas where users can participate to make better use and protect themselves on the platform.”

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