Yuri reveals that one day she tried to kill herself

In an interview for a television program, the singer Yuri revealed that she tried to kill herself, however, she claimed that God saved her from having a fateful ending.

The interpreter explained that everything happened when a voice, which at first did not want to hear, told her to commit suicide.

“Take your life. You are very pretty, you have a lot of money, you are very famous. But look, you live in your mansion, alone. Nobody loves you, it is better that you leave, that you take your life, that will be happy for you, it will give you peace.


“Because you have no family, your parents are not there, you are alone. Men do not want you as a person, they want you as a woman, for bed, “shared the interpreter of” The Damned Spring. “

The Veracruz woman said that when she heard the first voice she felt afraid, but that she convinced her and was going to throw herself from a balcony of her house.

“Don’t do it, I take away and I give my life. If you take your life you will not be with me, you will not have peace ”, the artist said that she heard a second voice when she was running to the window.

He also clarified that he never had anything to do with Luis Miguel, and that they were great friends.

“I have a special affection for him, because he always listened to me when I felt very lonely, and when he also felt lonely, we got together as friends.

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“There was no chemistry as a couple, and notice that he was gorgeous, he was at his peak. We could never be dating. I would have loved to have been his girlfriend, but I don’t know, he would still have left me turulata, like everyone else. ”


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