Why Cricket is the Perfect Sport for Betting In Play

Millions of people around the world tune in to watch cricket games when they take place. Of those, many also place a bet on the outcome. However, the betting industry has seen a big change over the past decade, with the introduction of in play betting.

This is something that covers many sports in the service, not just cricket, but it is something that has seemingly been made with cricket in mind.

If you had to choose one sport out there and say it was the perfect sport for in play betting, then cricket would more than likely be the choice for many people.

But why is that? The simple reason is because whether you are betting on a test match or a short T20 game, there are times when you want to bet while play is on, more so than in any other sport. As well you can also check at kasyno polskie.

What is In Play Betting?

Traditionally, people place bets before the event starts but that all changed with the introduction of in play betting. Now people can place bets during play, which works well for many sports but especially with cricket.

We have seen a lot of technological advances used by the betting industry, and the ability to quickly put up betting markets and change the odds in an instant when something happens is one of them.

Those either already betting in play or wanting to do so will have to take care when choosing their bookmaker moving forward. Of course, features like customer service are important, but in play betting is now something that people need to look out for.

Not only offering an in play service, but also the depth of it, how many sports and events are covered on average each day, and how many betting markets are inside each game.

In Play Betting for Test Matches

Test matches are played over five days and that means if you are betting in the traditional way before the game, you have to wait five days for your winnings, but also have to predict what will happen in that time.

We all know the effects that both the weather and the pitch has on a game, punters are in a hard position by having to try and predict what happens with those before five days of play.

Rather than that, people can place bets on any day of the test match, or on every day if they wish, based on what they are seeing. The odds change depending on the game circumstances, so you need to be quick and place your bets before the value goes.

This adds another element to in play betting, and is a big reason why it has been cited as a reason for the rise of the betting industry.

T20 In Play Betting

The long, drawn out process of a five day test match benefits just as much from in play betting as the shortest format of the game, T20 cricket.

These games are over in just a couple of hours, but they change from ball to ball sometimes, and for that reason, in play betting is exciting and fun.

Bet at the start of the over and you could get a great price on your team to win. If they have a good over then at the end of it, they will have dramatically shortened in price. You can effectively win twice here, first by bagging the best value and then secondly with a winning bet.

The fast-paced nature of T20 cricket means that odds changes happen almost every ball, making it perfect for in play betting, just like it’s five-day counterpart.