WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on up to 4 devices

Angela Lang / CNET

WhatsApp is already working on the possibility of using a single account on up to four devices at the same time.

The trustworthy Twitter account WABetaInfo revealed the first evidence of this support running on the WhatsApp application. The image does not show much, but the source assures that it is the support that will allow a single account to be used on different devices, although it is not clear if it can be between phones and Web browsers.

At this time WhatsApp only allows you to use the same phone number on a device and offers the option of synchronizing the account with a client on the Web or computer. The problem is that it cannot be used on two different phones and for now WhatsApp is not officially running on tablets.

WABetaInfo ensures that the function is in development but works quite well. Being a beta and hidden feature, it is not known when it will reach all users. WhatsApp uses to test functions in its open and closed betas, then launch them to some common users and then to all users. This process could take several months or even years, but it is good news that evidence of the function is appearing.

Telegram and other rival WhatsApp apps already offer similar features that WhatsApp lacks, but the Facebook affiliate calmly takes the development of new tools. WhatsApp, for example, took a long time to implement full encryption, sending stickers and video calls. Despite being slow in adopting features, WhatsApp still leads the way with more than 2,000 million users.

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