WhatsApp fixes a bug showing user numbers on Google

Angela Lang / CNET

WhatsApp has already fixed the issue that allowed users’ phone numbers to appear in Google search results.

A WhatsApp spokesperson told TechCrunch that the Click to Chat function was the root of the problem, which is now fixed. WhatsApp notified the systems that are in charge of indexing the Web sites that do not take into account the links created by this function.

WhatsApp does not consider this problem as a security flaw, since the numbers were only found to appear in URL link format.

The Click to Chat feature allows users to share with a web address and send it to other users so that when they click, they can join the conversation. However, the function formulates a link that includes the phone number and Google indexed these links along with the number of users.

WhatsApp told TC that these links are public by user choice, who in turn can block spam messages at the push of a button.

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