What you must do to receive the economic stimulus for the coronavirus


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For the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, approved in late March an economic stimulus of US $ 2 trillion, which foresees a payment of up to US $ 1,200 for the taxpayers of that country affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The amount each person will receive will be based on the adjusted gross income indicated in the 2019 federal tax return, or, failing that, in 2018, according to their last statement. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indicated that if the 2018 federal tax return has not been filed either, the stimulus payment could be affected.

In the event that you are eligible for the stimulus, you will receive a notification from the government in the mail with information about the date and place where the payment will be delivered. If you do not receive payment, you should contact the IRS using the contact information received in the notification.

According to the IRS, the stimulus will be automatically sent in three weeks “without requiring any action for most people”, since the payment will be made via electronic deposit in the account in which the last return of taxes.

However, if the IRS does not have your bank information they will send you a check or you can enter your bank details on a website that will be available “the next few weeks”, according to the IRS. On this website people will be able to enter their bank details and receive their payments immediately instead of waiting to receive their check in the mail.

However, not everyone would receive the full refund and there will be those who do not receive any payment, such as people who pay their taxes using an ITIN number instead of a valid Social Security number (SSN). We tell you who are the people who qualify for COVID-19 economic stimulus here.

In addition to the economic stimulus package, the United States government has pushed the deadline to file your taxes to July 15.

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