Virtual Reality in the Gambling Industry: How VR Changes Online Casinos

VR technology is evolving as quickly as the gambling market. Back in time, we could only see virtual reality in movies, but now this innovation is no longer something unimaginable for a regular person. Today, virtual reality is widely used in games, and a growing number of platform developers think about creating VR casinos. Slotegrator has prepared an overview of the virtual reality use in the gambling industry.


It is known that players really appreciate the effect of participation in the recreated world of gambling venues without leaving their homes. These conditions attract players to VR casinos.

Virtual casino is an online casino equipped with perfect 3D graphics and settings designed to resemble any land-based casino or gambling house to its fullest extent. Due to this, gamblers can visit gambling rooms, look around, have a dialogue with other players and choose any slot they like. Everything looks very natural and realistic.

The developers of this virtual reality put their best efforts into software improvement in order to bring graphics to the maximum level so that all the designed objects could look as if they were real. The introduction of innovative gadgets such as Oculus Rift helped to improve this industry and managed to bring innovative ideas to life.


VR operation is based on video demonstration with a higher definition and better frame frequency than the one found in traditional computer game visuals. Any head or hand movement appears without delays which guarantees the effect of full presence. Any person gambling in a casino equipped with virtual reality feels as if everything took place at the actual gambling house. It is possible to notice other players’ emotions, hear their comments and experience real tactile sensations with the help of special gloves and a VR headset.

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Global gambling market experts have the same opinion: virtual reality will change the entire gambling industry, having a positive impact on operators and customers, rather than providing negative experience.

First of all, analysts note that there is already a positive dynamics in the live casino niche. Virtual reality played an important role, allowing gamblers to experience authenticity and socialization when playing.

The main advantages of VR casinos are:

  • full presence sensations;
  • interaction with the gambling community;
  • real profit gained straight from home;
  • wide choice of content and regular updates;
  • advanced techniques.


The main reasons for the delay in the widespread usage of VR technology are the high cost of equipment and the poor quality of software.

The full adoption of VR technology in online casinos will lead to the loss of a significant number of players, due to the prices for VR gadgets.

Players will also need a powerful gaming computer, the price of which is $1.5 thousand or more. For the use of a VR headset with PS4, they will also need to buy the console and the PS camera.

The second block for the widespread usage of VR in a virtual casino is the low quality of the software. It may lead to negative consequences for the players. The virtual world recreated with the help of poor-quality software can cause symptoms similar to motion sickness.

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Improvement of the software, together with the reduction of the cost of VR gadgets, will allow operators to reach a significant audience of gamers and increase the profitability of virtual casinos.

Apart from that, the platform should also include 100% interaction between developers and online casino operators, as well as upgradeability. Another important aspect of VR gambling is the support of mobile. It requires the involvement of not only highly professional experts but also quite large investments.


In order to start gambling in a virtual casino, one might need a modern gaming computer, virtual reality headset and special software. As for the computer requirements, they are:

  • High-throughout processor Intel Core i5 4590 or higher;
  • Advanced video-adapter GeForce GTX 970 or even more recent;
  • Not less than 8 GB RAM memory;
  • USB 3.0 and HDMI 1.3 for gadget connection;
  • The operating system that is at least equal to Windows 7 SP1.

As for the virtual reality headset, it should be said that the hugest market leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung and etc. are constantly competing while creating it. One of the most popular ones is the Oculus Rift headset. As an alternative to it, one might turn to such gadgets as Hololens by Microsoft, Cardboard by Google or similar devices.

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Experts believe that by 2025, the VR market will bring profits of over $20.9 billion, so more and more companies are getting involved in the development of new devices, applying VR/AR technology in their work.

The use of VR in the creation of online casinos will provide players with a real-time effect of presence in the virtual gambling venue. Players wishing to experience the atmosphere of a real casino will be able to use VR devices, providing operators with high profits.

Increasing adaptation, raising mass production of VR gadgets, as well as the creation of universal software available to a wide audience of users will set a new era in the world of gambling. The integration of virtual reality will bring new and unique features, diversify the offers and make online gambling even more attractive for users. More than that, VR gambling will have a direct impact on the global gambling market, increasing the profitability of the sector at the global level.