UP Scholarship 2020: Eligibility Criteria, How to Apply and How to check UP Scholarship Status 2020

UP Scholarship 2020: Eligibility Criteria, How to Apply and How to check UP Scholarship Status 2020

Scholarship Program of UP State Government has declared the news about the 2020 year’s scholarship Scheme. This Scholarship by the UP Government was declared every year at this time. Here we are talking about the UP Scholarship program.

We will also cover certain points about the UP Scholarship 2020 that will inform you everything about the scholarship program.

In this post, we will surely cover the below points about UP Scholarship Program

  • About UP Scholarship 2020
  • UP Scholarship Status 2020
  • UP Scholarship Status 2020 through PFMS website
  • Eligibility Criteria for UP Scholarship
  • Application Form details of UP Scholarship

 About UP Scholarship 2020

UP Scholarship is a Yearly program that is run by the Government for Post and Pre Metric Candidates. For the year 2020, the UP Scholarship Payment of Scholarship has been started. scholarship.up.nic.in from this website you can apply for the UP Scholarship program so easily.

Although scholarship.up.nic.in URL Candidate who has applied for the Scholarship, they can see the status of their Scholarship. But this is the Official site for Scholarship Application, Payment for Application, and Check Scholarship status of the UP Scholarship Program.

The UP Scholarship is the biggest financial support scheme for their state students. The government also supports this scholarship and they motivate students for higher studies. Students of every category can apply for UP Scholarship too quickly. Right now, 2019-20 years is running for UP Scholarship.

Every year the UP Government runs this scholarship program successfully. Also, lakhs of UP State students Apply for the Scholarship and they get online payment in their Bank Account for further studies.

UP Scholarship Status 2020

Now, we will see a brief about UP Scholarship Status for the year 2020 program. UP Government scheme for the scholarship is disclosed every year. This time for 2020 they have already started application acceptance by the Official Website.

Official Website for UP Scholarship: scholarship.up.nic.in

However, For the Pre-Metric and Post-Metric level, UP State provides scholarships to students. Who has already filed the scholarship application while the program was announced for them? The scholarship documents verification was done.

Therefore the scholarship payment was started. By the time when they get the application for the scholarship, then they verify the document. As a result, they release the scholarship payment for UP Scholarship Program.

UP Scholarship Status 2020 through PFMS website

Here, you will get a tiny basic idea about UP Scholarship Status. However, we bring for you the “how-to” part, which is useful for those who are visiting the scholarship website for the first time to get the scholarship.

Also, we will introduce you useful website for UP Scholarship, where you can track the progress of your scholarship application. So, by the confirmation and status, you will know your Application for Scholarship was accepted or rejected. Thus you can take further steps to reconsider the scholarship program. If you have a Registration ID and Password with you then you will understand the following procedure also.

The below steps will help you to check the UP Scholarship Status 2020. 

Let’s brief you about PFMS Website, this website is surely the official state government website. Through this website, you can check the Payment status of the UP Scholarship and you can check the UP Scholarship status after that, applying for a scholarship so easily.

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Step – 1

You have to Open PFMS Website. To open the PFMS Website you have to visit the pfms.nic.in URL. But it will redirect to the Home page of the PFMS Website.

Step – 2

Now, you can see the Know Your Payment option. You must know that the third option on the Homepage. Click on “Know Your Payment” and it will redirect to a new tab.

Step – 3 

On the Required field of the Know your Payment Page, the candidate also has to enter the bank details that they have provided for UP Scholarship.

Enter asked Bank Details and then you can check UP Scholarship Payment Status online via Payment by Account Number. For your comfort, Page will ask also you Bank Name, Account Number, and Captcha code. So be ready with these details.

Step – 4

For instance, after entering the complete bank details, you have to click on the search button. But before clicking on the Search button, candidates must have to check that the Filled details by them are correct or not. So check first and then click on the search button. In addition, if your details are correct then only the entered UP Scholarship Form will show you the correct data of your Payment status.

Step – 5 

Above all, What if the data that you have entered is incorrect? If you enter the wrong data by mistake then the Website page will surely show you the “No Records Found” Message.

Also, now we will see the next information, which is about to check the status of the UP Scholarship Scheme.

But the Status of Scholarship is what you can check via the official website, this website is mentioned above, but for your reference, we also have put the URL again.

UP Scholarship Official Website: scholarship.up.nic.in

Through this website, you can check various UP Scholarship Status for your Application. Status such as Registration, Final Submission, and Status at Institution Level, Account Verification Status, and Security Result also. But you can check it only via the official website.

If you are new to the Official UP Scholarship Portal, then don’t worry, we have made a small guide for you. Because this guide will show you a few steps about how to check the UP Scholarship Status 2020.

So, follow the below steps to check the UP Scholarship Status for the 2020 year. 

Step – 1

You will just have to enter into official scholarship website.

Through scholarship.up.nic.in the website you can enter into the Official UP Scholarship Website. This URL will redirect you to the Home Page of the UP Scholarship Official Website.

Step – 2 

As a result, on Home Page, you can see the “STATUS” button, click on that button. It will surely show you two options.

The first option is Application Status 2019-20, and also there is a second option that represents Important Information.

Step – 3

Now, you must have to click on the first option, which is Application Status 2019-20.

Step – 4 

Now, the Website page will surely ask you Registration Number and your Date of Birth. While applying UP Scholarship, after completing the application on the website, they sent a registration number on your Phone number and Email ID. You also have to enter the correct registration number and your date of birth on the respective text box.

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Step – 5 

Now, you must click on the Search button, which is right there after the text box of Date of birth. Click on it, and then you can see Application Status on the Website page.

Step – 6

This Application Status of UP Scholarship is available in Printable form and you can print it for your reference too.

This website is also giving you a feature to check the status of all students who have applied as a fresh and renew.

Check the below list, for this category of student can check the Application Status of UP Scholarship Program.

  1. Check Status Pre-metric (Fresh)
  2. Status Pre-metric Check (Renewal)
  3. Check Status Post-metric Intermediate (Fresh)
  4. Check Status Post-metric Intermediate (Renewal)
  5. Status Post-metric other than intermediate Check (Fresh)
  6. Check Status Post-metric other than intermediate (Renewal)

Eligibility Criteria for UP Scholarship

Eligibility for UP Scholarship is a must, now every student can apply for the UP Scholarship. So this portion is for those who want a Scholarship but don’t know whether they are eligible or not for UP Government.

For those who want UP Scholarship, they must have to pass from below Eligibility Criteria.

  1. Qualification Criteria

For Pre-metric criteria, Students must have in Class 9 or 10. If Student is in Class 9th or 10th then they are eligible for UP Scholarship Scheme.

While for Post-metric criteria, Students must have in Class 11 or 12. If Student is in class 11th or 12th then they are eligible for UP Scholarship Scheme.

Candidates who are qualified in the 12th class and they got admission for further study than in the state University. As a result, they are surely Eligible for UP Scholarship Program.

  1. Domicile Criteria

Applicant must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh, and they must have issued the Domicile Certificate by the District Authorities. For a Domicile Certificate, students must be enrolled in any state school, high school, and University.

  1. Income Criteria
Scholarship Scheme Category Annual Income Up to
For Pre Matric (Class 9th & 10th)
General / SC / ST 1 Lakh
Minority 1 Lakh
OBC 1 Lakh
For Post Matric (Class 11th & 12th)
General /OBC 2 Lakh
Minority 2 Lakh
SC/ST 2 Lakh
For Post-Matric (Other than Intermediate)
General /OBC 2 Lakh
SC / ST 2 Lakh
Minority 2 Lakh

For the Post-metric scholarship, Applicant’s family’s annual income is not over two Lakhs, and this is applied for all categories.

For Pre-metric scholarship, the Annual income of the Candidate is not over one Lakhs, and this is applied for all categories.

While for other categories or Applicants, they have to submit the relevant document while filling the online form.

So, this is the detailed information about the eligibility criteria for UP Scholarship Program. Now, we will dig out details about the UP Scholarship Form

How to Apply for UP Scholarship? 

Those who have already applied before on UP Scholarship official website, are aware of how to fill the UP Scholarship form? But the following procedure is for those who are appeared for the first time to get a UP Scholarship.

Step – 1 

First, the Applicant must have to visit the official website of UP Scholarship. By clicking on http://scholarship.up.nic.in/  URL you will be redirected to the home page.

Step – 2 

Now, you have to find the “Student” button on the Home page. On the Home page of the Official website, on the Top Menu bar Student Button was placed, Click on it.

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Step – 3

Click on “New Registration” and by click on this button; it will redirect you to the new web page.

Step – 4 

When Registration Form will open you have to select your appropriate category. Categories would be, General, SC, ST, and OBC.

Scholarship Scheme Status Links
Pre matric (Fresh Student)
पूर्व दशम (नवीन)
Check Here
Post matric Intermediate (Fresh Student)
दशमोत्तर (नवीन)
Check Here
Pre matric (Renewal Student)
पूर्व दशम (नवीनीकरण)
Check Here
Post matric Intermediate (Renewal Student)
दशमोत्तर (नवीनीकरण)
Check Here 
Post matric Other than Inter (Fresh Student)
दशमोत्तर (नवीन)
Check Here
Post matric Other than Inter (Renewal Student)
दशमोत्तर (नवीनीकरण)
Check Here

Step – 5 

Now, the Candidate has to fill the given field, It is not only about the Personal Details but also Qualification and Other Information. Make sure, you have to fill in this information correctly.

Step – 6 

Now you have to upload the required document that is a must for the UP Scholarship. You have to upload a scanned copy of the original documents.

Step – 7 

This Step is also important after filled all information and uploading documents. You have to review all your entered details.

Step – 8

Once you completed the review then you have to click on apply.

Step – 9

In this final step, you can save your UP Scholarship form; also you have to print a copy of the application. So this hard copy of the print will help you in future references.

FAQs about UP Scholarship 2020

Who can apply for UP Scholarship 2020? 

Class 9th, Class 10th, Class 11th, Class 12th, Undergraduate Course, and Postgraduate Course, Certificate programs, Diploma and other State Examination students can Apply UP Scholarship Program.

From where can I fill the form for UP Scholarship 2020? 

From http://scholarship.up.nic.in URL You can apply for UP Scholarship 2020. It will also be essential for you to have a laptop or PC with an active internet connection. So as you can fillup the form for the UP scholarship 2020. In order to avail the scholarship benefits, you will surely have to enter all the necessary details in the form.

What are the Income Eligibility criteria for Postgraduate students? 

The family annual income of Postgraduate students must not more than two Lakhs.

Which documents are necessary to upload while filling the UP Scholarship form?

Required Documents of UP Scholarship Scheme: Mark Sheet, Cast Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Annual Income Certificate, Bank pass Book, Aadhar Card, Fee Receipt Number, Annual Non Refundable Amount, Fee Submission Receipt, Current registration Number of University, Passport size photo, other relevant documents, and certificates.

It will surely be possible for any and every user to be a part of the scholarship scheme. As soon as you will submit all the essential documents, the process will be over. So you will get all the benefits that the UP government offers to all the people who use the scheme.