Twitter tags tweets linking coronavirus and 5G: report


Twitter is still on the warpath against false information related to the coronavirus.

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For the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Some social network users have recently associated the COVID-19 with 5G networks, information without any scientific evidence against which Twitter has begun to fight.

The social network said it is tagging tweets linking 5G and the COVID-19 pandemic with a tag that says “get data on COVID-19,” according to a Business Insider report from June 8. Clicking on the tag takes you to a Twitter page that says “No, 5G is not causing coronavirus.” This page includes links to news reports, data verification organizations, and government agencies that debunk this theory.

The move against tweets linking 5G and the pandemic is part of a broader Twitter strategy to combat disinformation during the coronavirus pandemic. The social network warned that its measures will be based on whether the information has already been confirmed as false or misleading by experts or if the information (which may be true or false) has not been confirmed at the time of publication.

5G is a new wireless technology that has been rolling out around the world in recent months, but concerns have been raised about it about its unsubstantiated health implications, ranging from the possibility that they can cause brain cancer, to reducing fertility and other diseases.

FDA and FCC insist there is nothing to worry about. Furthermore, most studies conducted have found no association between radio frequency telephone signals and cell towers with disease.

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