The President, the series on corruption in FIFA, already has a trailer


Amazon Prime Video

Stripers, alcohol and lots of dollars. So are the images of President, the new series of Amazon Prime Video, which will be released on June 5 and whose trailer we can see from Wednesday May 13.

The series focuses on Sergio Elías Cortés Jadue, president of the Chilean soccer federation, who climbed to become second vice president of the South American Soccer Confederation, one of the most powerful in the world.

The official synopsis reads as follows: “Sergio Jadue, the modest president of a soccer club in a small city in Chile, unexpectedly finds himself at the head of the Chilean soccer association. Drunk with power, he becomes the protégé of the godfather of the Soccer Julio Grondona, as well as the key to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to dismantle the greatest plan of corruption in the world of soccer. “

Andrés Parra, who played the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar in The patron of evil and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in Hugo Chávez: The Commander, embodies Jadue. In the images, to the rhythm of AC / DC, we can see Karla Souza (How to Get Away with Murder), like Jadue’s wife and Paulina Gaitán (Diablo Guardian).

The series, which lasts 8 chapters, has three directors: Natalia Beristain (Luis Miguel: The Series), Gabriel Diaz (Bala Loca) and Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Armando Bo (Birdman), who also serves as executive producer. And according to the press release, it was shot in several countries in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

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