The Pixel Watch could be used without touching the screen: patent


Google’s watch could be handled without touching it, but it is unclear when it will hit the market.

Patently Apple

Rumors about the possibility that Google will extend the Pixel brand to smart watches are again taking hold thanks to a patent.

The patent was reported on March 16 by Patently Apple and shows the design for a smart watch based on the use of gestures to interact with it. This gesture system is similar to Project Soli, a technology announced by Google in 2015 and that it is based on a miniature radar to recognize with great precision the movement of your hands and fingers at a certain distance. Project Soli serves to be able to interact with all kinds of devices without touching them, including the Pixel 4, the latest Google phones. Another recent Google patent reported by Patently Apple reveals that the company could also be working on a folding cell phone, something that it had also been previously rumored.

Despite the fact that Project Soli technology could reach Google’s watch according to this patent, it could say goodbye to the brand’s phones according to some reports. If true, Motion Sense technology that allows you to perform some functions with the Pixel 4 without touching it, may not come with its successor, the Pixel 5. The current Pixel facial recognition system, Face Unlock, is also based on the chip. Soli, so if Google deletes it on your next phone you should implement facial recognition through a different method.

The Pixel 5 is expected to arrive this fall with a mid-range chip and with these cuts mentioned in Motion Sense technology, so it could considerably lower its price compared to the competition. Regarding the watch, there is no indication of when it will show up.

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