The Epic Games Store will come to iOS and Android

The Epic Games Store is heading towards mobile platforms.

Epic Games

The producer Epic Games has plans to launch its digital games store Epic Games Store on Android and iOS mobile platforms, although there are no details of the official launch yet.

“We want to bring the [Epic Games] Store to iOS in the future and we’re going to bring it to Android, “said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games in an interview with GameSpot.” We think it’s a good way to help the industry move forward, and it’s another way. As a game developer, Epic Games has created this audience around Fortnite and learned how to operate a distribution platform on PC and Android. ”

Sweeney said the new game distribution platform will be open to all developers looking for a game launch pad “and offer an interesting alternative to the ecosystem.”

Plans to bring the Epic Games Store to mobile platforms are not entirely recent. In 2018, Sweeney himself said that the platform would arrive on PC, Mac and Android between 2018 and 2019. The launch plan did not materialize, but Sweeney apparently continues with plans to launch the platform.

The Epic Games Store has already hinted at its arrival on mobile platforms. In October 2019, Fortnite It received an update on Android so that all updates are made from the official Epic app on the Play Store. Epic Games has not released an official iPhone application.

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