The best speakers and speakers of 2020 to work from home

The speakers and microphones on your laptop or mobile device are not terrible (by which I mean they can be used) but now, in the midst of a pandemic and with so many people telecommuting and virtual meetings, we need better listening experiences. One option is to buy headphones that make calls. But the other is to buy a speaker specifically designed to make calls. Because those types of speakers don’t have that many basses and focus on the vocals. They are not ideal for playing music or being the audio source when you watch a movie.

I have tried all the models that we include below. Keep in mind that all those with a USB connection work with Mac and PC. But Bluetooth models can also work with phones and tablets.

Anker launched a new wireless speaker earlier this year with great performance for its price. It has six microphones placed on a 360 degree surface. It can be connected to your computer with a USB-C and also connects easily via Bluetooth. It has an integrated 6,700mAh battery.


The Jabra Speak 510, which has been on the market for several years, can be connected directly to the computer with a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Jabra says the speaker is ideal for small rooms with coverage for 4 people. It has a 360-degree omni-directional microphone and up to 15 hours of battery life.

The eMeet M0 is a compact speaker that connects via USB using USB-A or USB-C cables included in the box. There is no wireless option. It has four microphones, plus echo cancellation and noise reduction technology.


If you can’t afford the Jabra Speak 710 and are looking for a more compact and “professional” speaker, consider the eMeet M2. It costs less than $ 200. Reproduces the sound louder than you might think considering its size. It is equipped with four microphones and echo cancellation and noise reduction technology.

The Pioneer Rayz Rally will get along well with your iPhone phone. The small speaker fits in a pocket and has an integrated Lightning cable, so it connects directly to your iOS device. It’s not in the same class as the other speakers on this list in terms of sound quality and microphone performance, but it does add volume to your phone’s speakers.


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