The best security apps for your android phone

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In the world of android devices, a general search for security apps will result in endless antivirus and anti-malware apps, which is fine. Still, the additional security creations you might need to add that tad bit of extra support to your mobile don’t always appear. They’re incredibly hard to find at times.

There are shedloads of apps out there that can boost your phone’s security, though. Most of them are fairly straightforward to use, too. Sadly, in our technologically advanced world, additional security is needed. Cyber attacks are a regular occurrence, and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated on a daily basis. Whether you’re playing online roulette in India at or sending an email to a friend, you want to know you are safe at all times. It is, put bluntly, the nature of surfing the web these days. Thankfully, though, there’s an abundance of mobile phone apps out there capable of putting your mind at ease and adding some much needed additional security to your miniature mate.

So, without further ado, here is a look at some of the best security apps for your android phone. If you get these apps alongside an antivirus or anti-malware creation, you’ll be just about as safe and secure as you can be.

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At the time of writing Bouncer isn’t free, but for $0.99 it’s definitely worth it. The app allows you to manage your permissions and is one of the newer creations out there in 2020. We’ve all been there, wanting to give temporary access of a permission to an app but without wanting the app in question to have the required permission all of the time. Basically, Bouncer has you covered as it will ask whether you want temporary or permanent permission, and then automatically remove the permission for you if you choose the temporary option. It’s helpful and certainly worthwhile in terms of providing an extra barrier of security, too.


Another popular app in 2020, GlassWire allows you to see which apps are consuming the most data. With a helpful live graph and added alerts to help illustrate the apps which are hammering your data, GlassWire is an excellent way to keep track of your usage and keep up to date with what’s happening in the background. For example, an app you aren’t aware of could be grabbing something from your phone or hogging your data, so having the option of keeping it all under surveillance is a brilliant idea.

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Firefox Focus

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Firefox Focus is free and incredibly worthwhile, especially if you like to browse the internet in privacy mode every now and then. The app is essentially a privacy browser, allowing you to surf the web without trackers and advertising, alongside providing you with a constant incognito mode, therefore not logging your activities for long periods. Activities can be deleted too. The app is slick and easy to use, and although it won’t protect you from absolutely everything out there, it will certainly provide you with an adequate amount of protection.


Password manager apps are incredibly popular at the moment, with LastPass being one of the more favoured apps of its type out there. The app allows you to store site passwords, PINs, and any other sensitive information, with everything being hidden behind a master password which you can choose yourself. LastPass Authenticator will add additional security, although it does cost. The free version of LastPass is certainly good enough, though, allowing you to store important information safely and securely. In terms of password manager apps, LastPass is easily one of the best.