The best games for the Nintendo Switch



If you have one Nintendo Switch or the most recent Nintendo Switch Lite, which are two variations of the most versatile console ever created, you may be wondering which video games you should buy.

There are many genres to consider in the Nintendo Switch world: role playing, fighting games, multiplayer games, and indie games. In this concise list we list seven essential video games that you must have on your Nintendo Switch.

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Breath of the Wild It is still the best video game on the Switch console, of its generation and is perhaps the best video game ever made. This open-world action-adventure game redefines this genre.

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If you already have Breath of the Wild, your second step is to buy a Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey it’s good. Although it doesn’t turn out to be a reinvention like Breath of the WildIt does have a trick that makes the game reach its full potential. I’m talking about the hat that Mario can throw at any object to possess it.

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Team Cherry

Hollow Knight It is always the third game that I recommend to the owners of a new Nintendo Switch.

This action and adventure game, which costs $ 15, is a great value for its price. It will take you about 20 hours to finish a day.

Also, Hollow Knight take the best of Super Metroid and the best of Dark Souls to create something fresh and unique. It is perfectly designed and full of nostalgia.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the definitive Mario Kart game. It has all the tracks from the original game, plus downloadable content, including additional characters.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe borrow everything that has worked in previous Mario Kart games. It is balanced and designed for players of all levels.


Into The Breach, as Hollow Knight, is available on other platforms, but the Switch version is the best to play.

Into The Breach is a strategy game that allows a lot of innovation within the game.

Motion Twin

Dead Cells, as Hollow Knight e Into The BreachThey are indie video games that make a lot of sense on the Nintendo Switch.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sets the gold standard for a fighting game. It’s battle royale all the time, with characters you know and love.

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