Swanirbhar Nari – Atmanirbhar Assam Scheme 2020 for Economically Disadvantaged Women

Swanirbhar Nari – Atmanirbhar Assam Scheme 2020 for Economically Disadvantaged Women

The central government’s Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is taking a massive step toward making India self-reliant. The government of India is launching many schemes to make India self-sufficient.

However, the central government and state government making so many efforts to make India an exporter nation. That means to make the India Aatman Nirbhar, India needs to increase its exports.

However, with an increase in export, India also has to decrease imports. To achieve both goals of Aatman Nirbhar Abhiyan, Indian people have to improve in the production and manufacturing sector of the economy as the state government of India.

It will be possible for you to get here all the essential information about the Swanirbhar Nari Assam Scheme 2020. In this article, you will be able to understand everything about the new scheme of the Assam state government. Swanirbhar Nari or Atma Nirbhar Scheme of Assam is specially made to encourage women of the state.

With the help of the Atmarnirbhar Nari Scheme 2020, no woman will have to depend on others. The only thing that every woman should do is to bring self-awareness about the new Swanirbhar scheme launched by the Assam government.

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Also trying to implement the scheme related to Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. Here, we will talk about the Assam state’s scheme as a part of this Abhiyan.

Swanirbhar Nari- Aatman Nirbhar Assam Scheme 2020:

As the name suggests that this scheme is launched after taking inspiration from the Aatman Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The Assam government launched the scheme for the women of the state. The government wants to make women of the state self-reliant so that the women do not have to depend on the other person for their money and financial problem.

This scheme will help a huge part of rural women and MNREGA workers of the state. The government has merged all the MNREGA scheme coverage of the state. This scheme majorly helps the oral areas women who are doing agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, etc. for their income.

However, this scheme includes many sectors of Assam rural areas like agriculture, horticulture, fishery, environment and forest, sericulture, veterinary, animal husbandry, handloom, and textiles, etc.

The objective of the Swanirbhar Nari – Atmanirbhar Assam Scheme :

The government has launched this scheme in many phases. However, this time the government has found only one phase of the scheme. In the one phase of the scheme, more than 4 lakh women will get the benefits of the scheme—the chief minister of Assam Shri.

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Sarbanand Sonoval said that this scheme helps the women of the state to make money for their own.

The government’s aim behind this scheme is to create more and more assets in the state. With the help of this scheme, the community asset will also be created.

The chief minister has said the role of PRI representative is most important in this scheme. The government ensures that effective implementation is must necessary for the scheme.

Benefits of the Swanirbhar Nari – Atmanirbhar Assam Scheme :

If the implementation is good, then the benefits of the scheme will avail to the people of the state. However, this scheme will majorly benefit the rural parts of the state then the people who are living in the rural part of the Assam state have to take the benefits of the scheme.

The Assam government publish the notice that if any panchayats of the s of rural India were found to be involved in the corruption, then the government will give them strict punishments. That means the government will take strict actions against the corrupt people of panchayats or any government office.

Essential Features of the Swanirbhar Nari – Atmanirbhar Assam Scheme :

However, to encourage the panchayats to perform well and avail the scheme to more and more people, the government will announce the award to the best performing panchayats of the state.

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The government will give first, second and third rank to the panchayats of the state who have done the best work for the government.

The government was also awarded financially to the panchayats. The panchayats whose rank is first and do the best work toward the scheme will get Rs. 3 lakh from the government.

The runner-up panchayats will get 2 lakh from the state government. And the third rank of panchayats will get 1 Lakh from the government. However, the government has also told the organization to cooperate with the panchayats and women SHG of the state.