Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka to Provide Solar Water Pump Sets to Farmers

Surya Raitha Scheme in Karnataka to Provide Solar Water Pump Sets to Farmers

Karnataka government is giving the solar pump set to the farmers of Karanata state. The solar pump set will help the farmers to use it on their farm. Most of the farmers are using the irrigation pump for the water pumping on the farm.

Due to the irrigation pump, many problems are faced by the farmers. The farmers are not having 24*7 electricity. Due to a lack of electricity, the farmers can not use the irrigation pump at night.

If any farmer wants to use water the crop at night, they can not do the same in the absence of electricity. However, the government is planning to provide electricity to farmers in 12 hours of the day.

About Surya Raitha Scheme Of Karnataka:

Under this scheme, the Karnataka government will replace the irrigation to the solar pump. The solar pump will help them in many ways. The benefits of the solar pump are excellent. The solar pump will generate clean energy.

The pump that is attached b the solar panel will use the electricity produced by the panel. The solar panel will work and produce electricity with the help of photo rays.

As a pilot project, the government has launched this scheme on 19 January 2019 in the Kanakapura area of Karanataka. In the starting phases, the government has replaced more than 310 irrigation pumps with the solar pump.

The Karnataka government analyze that the solar pump has more efficiency and 1.5 time more capacity than the irrigation pump. The solar pump will only use 1/3 of the power supply from the generated power supply.

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The government of Karnataka has launched this scheme with the loan amount of the central government, BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company), an investment of a combination of farmers.

The Bangalore electricity supply company will recover the number of loans from the farmer in a different way. The electricity supply company has decided to recover the loan amount from the exported energy in the grid.

This way, the electricity supply company will recover the loan amount from the government and farmers. After the completion of the recovery amount, the company will deposit the excess amount in the bank account of the farmers. The payback periods are about 12 to 14 years.

The objective of this scheme:

The solar pump will help the farmers to use the pump in the night situation also. The government will give the solar pump to all the farmers of the state with no cost amount.

This solar pump is dedicated to a high voltage distribution system. That means the pump is fitted with the high voltage distribution system grid. With the use of clean energy, the effect of climate change can be reduced.

Here, the meaning of clean energy is there no pollution is produced during the generation of electricity as we all know that the electricity is produced in the solar panel. The solar panel is made from the silicon metal.

The government will give the solar panel to the manufacturing company. However, the government decided to make the solar panel in India only as a part of the Make in India program. Yet, today we are importing the solar panel from another country.

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Benefits of the scheme:

  • The use of solar pumps can increase crop production. The farmers will get more and more production of crops as they are able to irrigate their crops efficiently with the help of a solar pump.
  • As the solar pump is installed in the farm, the farmer can get an easy and consistent power supply for the whole day. Before that, many fluctuations occur in electricity because of high and low voltage.
  • In an unwanted climate situation, the farmer can get a steady source of income.


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