Starship rocket is now SpaceX’s top priority – report


SpaceX Starship ship concept.


After successfully launch NASA astronauts into space, Elon Musk wants SpaceX to step on the gas in the development of his Starship rocket with which he plans to launch more than 100 people into space.

Musk sent an email to the entire company on June 6, asking his employees to accelerate the development of his Starship rocket as this should be his “top priority,” CNBC reported. In this same email, the executive asked SpaceX employees to consider spending significant time at the Boca Chica, Texas facility to help further accelerate the development of Starship, and even tweeted an aerial view of the complex.

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Starship is SpaceX’s spacecraft designed to transport humans and cargo to Earth’s orbit, the Moon, and even Mars. A previous test version, the Starhopper, successfully conducted launch tests in the past.

In September 2019, Musk said his goal was for the Starship spacecraft to reach orbit in six months, prompting NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine to remind Musk in a tweet of his commitment to the agency to launch astronauts earlier. than dedicate to his manned travel project with Starship.

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