Roberrt Kannada Movie Download


Roberrt Kannada Movie Download.

The latest Kannada movie Roberrt was released on 11th March 2021, and it was first released in the Kannada language. We do not know when the Hindi or any other language dub of the film Roberrt will release.

If we get any update regarding the dub or any, we will update it here as soon as possible. Let’s move to the main details of the Kannada film Roberrt.

Roberrt Kannada Movie Download

The movie Roberrt contains a huge cast. It includes Darshan as Raghava or Roberrt, Jagapathi Babu as Nanabhai, Vinod Prabhakar as Raghava, P. Ravi Shankar as Sarkar, Asha Bhat as Amrutha, Sonal Monterio as Raghava’s Wife, Ravi Kishan as MLA Tripathi, Devaraj as Police Commissioner, Avinash as Minister, Chikkanna as Agni, and Shivaraj K R Pete as Babu or Bobby.

The other cast members of the film Roberrt includes Jason D’Souza as Arjun; who is Raghava’s son, Tejaswini Prakash as Bride, Aishwarya Prasad as Kamala, Chandu B Gowda as MLA’s son, Dileep Shetty as Cherry; who is Nanabhai’s son, Ashok as Vishwanath Bhat, Naveen D Padil as Vishwanath Bhat’s Brother-in-law, Dhramanna Kadur as Madana, Giri Dwarkish as Bhootayya, Kari Subbu, Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda in a song “Jai Sriram,” and Tharun Sudhir in a song “Dostha Kano.”

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So, these are the cast members of the Kannada film Roberrt. Let’s talk about the songs in the film Roberrt. There are a total of six Kannada songs in the film which are Ba Ba Ba Na Ready, Jai Sriram 1, Jai Sriram 2, Dostha Kano, Kannu Hodiyaka, and Baby Dance Floor Ready. In the Telugu language, four songs are available named Ra Ra Ra Nen Ready, Jai Sriram, Kanne Adhirindhi, and Baby Dance Floor Ready.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release date of the film Roberrt was changed. It was about to release in April 2020, but it was delayed to 11th March 2021. But finally, the film Roberrt was released. Find the trailer of the film Roberrt below.

The Kannada film Roberrt was released on around 1000 screens in India. It includes 650 in Karnataka and 350 in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The film was also released in other parts of India but not on a major screen.

V. Harikrishna gave the background score, and Arjun Janya gave the music and songs in the film Roberrt. Sudhakar S Raj did the cinematography, and K.M Prakash did the editing of the film Roberrt.

Umapathy Films produced and distributed the film Roberrt. The film’s length is 166 minutes. It was directed and written by Tharun Sudhir. Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda produced it.

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