Ricky Martin claims to live ‘very happy’ after admitting his homosexuality 10 years ago

Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin assured that he has been a “very happy” person since he admitted in March 2010 that he is homosexual, and that after confessing his sexual preference he was able to marry and have, at the moment, four children.

This was revealed by Martin during the most recent episode of the station “Proud Radio”, on the Apple Music platform, and whose interview, directed by the British journalist and writer Hattie Collins, was published on Monday.

As Martin recalled, after the worldwide success of “Livin ‘la vida loca”, a song included on the album “Ricky Martin” (1999), he felt like “the king of the world”.

“My music was heard all over the planet, despite the language. I could have greeted God, but I wasn’t giving it my all. I felt sad and depressed, “he confessed.

“I could stand on stage, because that was the only way I could balance my emotions from that great sadness I carried,” he added.

At that time the artist was on a tour of shows and was in Australia with a view to continue performing in South America. However, he decided not to continue and go home, where he said he needed “silence, cry, anger and forgive himself for having reached that star level”, until he took a sabbatical from his entire career.

It was then that he decided to “put everything in order” in his life, but even so he was not ready to admit his homosexuality to the public, although he had already done it in front of the closest people.

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That is why he began to write his book his memoirs, but could not finish it because “it was a link that he was trying to avoid.”

But, at the end of his spiritual reflection, he returned to the place he was struggling between deciding whether he was homosexual or bisexual, whose sexual preferences he admitted were correct, but he had to decide for one of them and not lie to himself.

“And there I said, ‘Rick,’ you are very lucky, a gay man. You are homosexual, ”he added, to then start writing his autobiography,“ I ”, and at the end,“ go mad in tears ”.

“And I’ve been super happy ever since. So that was more or less what was happening to me when I was living the crazy life, “he said.

In the interview, Martin also spoke about the worldwide success of Puerto Rican ragpick Bad Bunny, the alliances of the LGBTQ community and support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

About Bad Bunny, the ex-member of the band Menudo said that it is “extremely important” that celebrities are as they want to be and so people will feel comfortable with them.

For this reason, Martin mentioned Bad Bunny, because despite being one of the most listened artists on the planet, he has been criticized for painting his nails.

“What does it matter if I paint my nails? What does it matter if I’m gay or not?” Asked Martin, who assured that Bad Bunny is not homosexual, but “he has a super powerful eye and that we need to support”.

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