Resident unleashes unbridled passion in his new video

Residente returns with his particular style to present “Hoy”, a new musical theme in which he uses metaphors and symbolism in order to highlight the relationship between two people through sensuality and sexuality.

Directed by the same Puerto Rican rapper, the corresponding video clip reflects the power of attraction between a woman and a man who are initially inside a bar.

In the same clip, starring Karent Hinestroza and Min Ko, renowned figures from Argentina such as Julieta Zylberberg, Leonardo Sbaraglia (both nominated for the Oscar Awards), Julieta Díaz and Laura Cymer, among others, perceive this encounter and catch the same spirit , which leads them to act passionately before regaining their lucidity.

Former Calle 13’s previous single, “René,” had a global impact within 24 hours of its release, becoming the number one trending topic in the United States and worldwide on YouTube. Her music video has exceeded 116 million views since the day of its release, in February of this year.

Currently, the artist is working on his second solo album, which will be released in the coming months; Additionally, he released the single “Pecador”, from his second solo album.

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