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Netflix’s youthful grownup fantasy sequence The Letter for the King follows novice knight Tiuri (Amir Wilson) on his quest to ship a mysterious letter to King Favian (Yorick van Wageningen), and in season 1’s ending he lastly achieves this aim. Nonetheless, the warning comes too late to cease Prince Viridian (Gijs Blom) from utilizing darkish magic to function to overthrow his father’s rule.

The Letter for the King depends on a main Dutch youngsters’s e-book by creator Tonke Dragt, and was tailored for TV by William Davies. A complete lot of the sequence is spent establishing Tiuri as a prophesied wielder of extraordinarily environment friendly magic, nonetheless in episode 5, “Spiral,” a twist reveals that every one the feats of unimaginable magic supposedly carried out by Tiuri had been truly the work of Lavinia (Ruby Serkis). Which means that Lavinia is the great mage who was prophesied to defeat the darkness on the night time of the blood moon, and whereas it is Tiuri’s job to ship the letter, it is her future to really battle Viridian.

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Whereas The Letter for the King works efficiently as a miniseries, the ending furthermore teases a attainable return for Viridian if Netflix chooses to maneuver forward with season 2. Correct proper right here we’ll break down an necessary occasions of The Letter for the King’s ending, and what they could point out for the best way during which forward for the sequence.

Why Lavinia Has Extraordinarily environment friendly Magic (and Tiuri Would not)

The Letter For the King - Lavinia Fights Viridian

Tiuri and Lavinia have one consider frequent: each grew up realizing solely one among their pure mother and father. Tiuri’s father was a shaman who was killed in the course of the extended assault on Eviellan, whereas Lavinia’s mom was a noblewoman who acquired proper right here from Dangria, a metropolis all through the nation of Unauwen. Given their household histories, it is pure to consider that the fantastical displays of magical vitality are carried out by Tiuri. Nonetheless, whereas magic flows by Tiuri, permitting him to expertise visions and take heed to voices (in an an equivalent reply to youthful Amaris in Foldo’s fireplace story), it is Lavinia who is certainly the “Good Mage of the North” prophesied to defeat the darkness. The clue is all through the prophecy itself, since Tiuri is initially from the south, nonetheless Lavinia is the daughter of the 2 northern kingdoms. Tiuri’s visions and voices weren’t a manifestation of his personal vitality, nonetheless pretty had been the magic guiding him to Lavinia.

In episode 2, “Is not She a Sweetheart,” Jabroot (Tawfeek Barhom) critiques to Viridian that there are two graves lacking from the itemizing of Eviellan shamans and their households – graves which can have belonged to Tiuri and his mom, had they not escaped dying and been taken in by Sir Tiuri the Valiant (David Wenham). The folks of Eviellan are acknowledged for actively teaching magic, and Viridian instantly fears {{{that a}}} teenager with shaman’s blood flowing by its veins might presumably be a menace to his plans. It is unknown if Lavinia’s mom furthermore had magic, or if magic manifests itself randomly in folks – although The Letter for the King season 2 would possibly shed further mild on this by reuniting Lavinia collectively collectively together with her mom.

The Blood Moon Prophecy & Viridian’s Resurrection

Netflix The Letter For The King Cast

On the middle of Prince Viridian’s plans in The Letter for the King is a prophecy that Tiuri discovers whereas staying all through the dwelling of the Black Knight. In distinction to his brother, Prince Iridian (Jakob Oftebro), who’s the eldest and the inheritor to the throne of Unauwen, Viridian has fought extended and exhausting all through the battle in route of Eviellan. He succeeded in conquering the land, nonetheless the years of bloodshed have taken their toll on him and he has come to see the pampered noblemen and women of the north because the rationale for all of the world’s ills. Viridian is aware of the blood moon prophecy, which works as follows:

“First acquired proper right here the earth and all we want. Then acquired proper right here the beast, the darkish spreading like fireplace. Cloaking the lands on the reddest of moons, solely as rapidly as each century does the sky make it bloom. Nonetheless the Good Mage of the North will ship mild to the shadow, whereas the amaranth flowers and the fields lie fallow.”

Crucially, Viridian does not ponder that he’s the beast all through the prophecy; he believes that he’s the Good Mage of the North, and has been stealing magic from shamans as a method to develop his personal vitality. At one stage we see him crushing a chook in his hand after which bringing it as soon as extra to life, which gadgets the scene for Viridian later rising from the lifeless after being killed by Iridian. The blood moon is what permits his vitality to bloom, and we see Viridian develop to be a darkness that consumes every little issue spherical it, and lastly would eat your whole land. Nonetheless, simply because the prophecy foretells, Lavinia brings mild to the shadow and defeats Viridian.

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Iona’s Betrayal Was Foreshadowed From the Begin

The Letter For the King Iona

An necessary turning stage in The Letter for the King comes when Iona (Thaddea Graham) is revealed to be a traitor who has bought Tiuri out to Jaro (Peter Ferdinando) and the Crimson Riders. In hindsight, nonetheless, this betrayal was given away from Iona’s very first line all through the sequence. As Tiuri prepares to be examined alongside the opposite novices for his potential knighthood, Arman (Islam Bouakkaz) turns spherical and attracts a line all by his throat threateningly. As Tiuri appears to be like at him, Iona cuts in and says, “Ignore Arman. It is me you should be worrying about.”

Constructive enough, although Arman is about up because of the clear traitor all through the group of youthful knights on account of his antagonism and repeated insistence on handing Tiuri over to his father, it’s lastly Iona that Tiuri should have been worrying about. After the Crimson Riders arrive in “Spiral,” Arman is straight away accused of getting referred to as them, nonetheless Iona is revealed to be the turncoat and in no way reveals any regret for what she has carried out. On the top of season 1 she and Jaro journey off collectively, setting the 2 of them as loads as return as a villainous duo ultimately. Throughout the meantime, Arman truly sees the error of his methods and is accountable for bringing Tiuri as soon as extra to the group when he has given up all hope.

How The Letter to the King’s Ending Fashions Up Season 2

The Letter for the King Ending Face

Although Lavinia is lastly capable of defeat Viridian and the group of youthful novices graduate to develop to be knights, The Letter for the King‘s season 1 finale is simply not completely absolutely comfortable. The sunshine-hearted, lute-playing knight Jussipo (Jonah Lees) dies from a wound sustained combating the Crimson Riders, tragically quickly after beginning a romance with Foldo. The ending furthermore teases that Viridian is simply not completely gone, as a murmuration of starlings over the knighting ceremony immediately type the face of the undead prince. Although the darkness would possibly want been pushed as soon as extra by Lavinia, evidently it nonetheless exists on this planet and continues to pose a menace.

The distinctive e-book offers little in the best way during which by which of clues as to what path The Letter for the King season 2 might take, as no sequel was ever printed and the Netflix sequence is already a extraordinarily free adaptation of the supply provides. Although the letter itself now delivered, there are nonetheless quite a lot of unanswered questions that the sequence would possibly uncover, beginning with Lavinia’s mom and Lavinia herself creating her expertise with magic, and naturally the lingering shadow of Prince Viridian. If a second season does not occur, nonetheless, The Letter for the King furthermore works efficiently as a self-contained story that should please youthful fantasy followers.

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