Rajasthan TAD Super 30 Project – Free Coaching Scheme for Civil Service Aspirants

Rajasthan TAD Super 30 Project – Free Coaching Scheme for Civil Service Aspirants

Civil service is a dream of many aspirants. Candidates are preparing for the civil services exam for many years. They are preparing many institutions. In India, there are many institutions that are teaching for competitive exams.

Many students who are wanted to do govt jobs are admitted to that institution and get coaching from that. However, the fees of the coaching institutions are very much high. Also, many institutions are coaching with nominal fees. This type of coaching institution is very helpful for the students who are preparing for civil services exams, but their family conditions are not good financially.

Those students can take admission in this coaching center and get coaching from classes with nominal fees. However, we can creak govt exams by doing self-study, but one can only crack the exam if they should know how to study for that exam.

The students must know about the syllabus of the exam, and they should also have the knowledge about what to read. Many aspirants are preparing for civil services exams for many years, and still, they can not crack the exams. So, to crack the exams, an aspirant should have the proper strategy level of their preparation. With the help of strategy only, they can creak the exams.

About Rajasthan TAD super 30 Project:

As we know that many aspirants in India are preparing for the civil services examination. The aspirants who want to do the preparation for the exam can not do the same for some financial reasons. If they properly do the preparations for the exams, they will definitely crack the exams.

Due to the poor economic conditions of the aspirants of the state, they can not prepare for the exam, and they have to work in a private company for their financial needs. They have fulfilled their financial requirement first. It is his primary matter to complete their family needs, and they have to work for that.

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For that aspirants, the Rajasthan govt is thinking that they are going to launch a scheme related to the aspirants who are willing to do the preparation for the civil services.

Here, we will discuss the Rajasthan govt scheme for civil services aspirants. Recently, reports say that the Rajasthan govt is thinking of launching TAD super 30 projects for the civil service aspirants. This is one type of project of the Rajasthan government. However, this project will work only for the ST cast people.

The idea to launch this type of project is the tribal and regional development department of the Rajasthan govt. You should know about the project that it will be totally govt-sponsored classes.

The govt will pay the fees for the course. That mean s that the govt will recruit 30 aspirants from ST cast, and they will give free coaching classes to them for civil services or state services. The coaching class is for the UPSC and RPSC exams only.

In the project, the govt will appoint 30 aspirants with ten girls and 20 boys. That means the boys and girls have chances for selection. However, the boys and girls belong to ST cast only. That means the govt can only choose 20 boys and ten girls from the scheduled tribe only.

The Indian constitution did recognize the cast for ST. The first requirement to take free online coaching from the govt is the aspirant should be from a scheduled tribe only. The govt. has to choose among many aspirants 30 aspirants. The coaching will be provided to the students in an online mode.

Free Coaching Scheme for ST Civil Service Aspirants

As mentioned above that the Rajasthan government is thinking of launching the project named Rajasthan TAD super 30 Project. This project is for the civil services aspirants. The candidate who wants to take online coaching from the government can apply to this scheme. The government will choose 30 students from the ST caste.

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It will give them online coaching of the exam that is held by the union public services commission and Rajasthan public services commission.

The Rajasthan government totally sponsors the coaching fee. That means under this project, and the Rajasthan government will give free online coaching classes to the aspirants of the civil services.

It will be possible for all the students to get free coaching online. So that they will not have to pay for expensive classes. All the students and aspirants who have the wish to study seriously will get a huge benefit from this scheme. Therefore it will be possible to improve the overall economy of the nation.

The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is if you want to study online. Then it will be for sure with the help of the free online coaching classes that the state govt. offers. So that you will not have to worry about any kind of things. Whether it is a money problem or if it is some other things, you can study online from any place and that too at any time.

With the help of this free online coaching class, the aspirant can take high-quality coaching, and they can creak the exam and make their future brighter.

Eligibility Criteria for TAD Super 30 Free Coaching Scheme

This project is a Rajasthan government project. The government has published the eligibility criteria of the scheme. If any students want to take advantage of this project, then that has fit in the requirements of the scheme as we all know that the government will choose a total of 30 aspirants to form the ST caste.

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They will be provided online coaching for the competitive exams taken by Union Public Service Commission and Rajasthan Public Service Commission. However, the government will only choose ten women among 30 aspirants and 20 boys. So here we can see gender equality for the appointment of the aspirants.

We can say this is the right decision taken by the government. We should appreciate this decision of the Rajasthan Government. This decision will help boys and girls to grow equally, and both can grab the equal opportunity.

With the help of this project, the women can also become government officers and live their life proudly and without depending on any other guy. They can educate themselves. Here are the eligibility criteria for the project.

If any boy or any girl from the ST caste wanted o take part in this project and want to get online education of civil services examination, then they have considered the following criteria of the project.

  • The applicant should have permanent residence in the Rajasthan state.
  • However, this coaching class is for the civil services then every aspirant has the education qualification of at least graduation.
  • I the final year of graduation, the applicant should secure at least a 60% mark.
  • However, we know that the project is for the betterment of the ST candidates, then the applicant should belong to the ST caste only.
  • As long as this coaching class in an online mode, the candidate with all the coaching facilities with the online classes will be eligible for this project.