Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2021 for MGNREGA Workers

Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2021 for MGNREGA Workers

The government of Rajasthan state has launched the scheme for the MNREGA workers. The government has launched this scheme in considering the Asian of the workers.

The name of the scheme is Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2021, as the name suggests that the scheme is about the sala of the workers.

The government will not give the proper salary to the proper work. With the help of this scheme, the worker will get a higher salary, and they can improve their financial condition.

The government will have to make the scheme for the MNREGA workers. However, the MNREGA is a scheme f the central government. Under this scheme, the government is giving employment to the workers of the nation.

All MNREGA workers will get a salary from the government. The government will also give additional benefits to MNREGA workers. The Rajasthan government has launched this scheme for the betterment of the MNREGA workers.

However, this scheme will also encourage and motivate the MNREGA workers of the state. This scheme has launched by the Rajasthan government. Only those people can take advantage of the scheme who are living in the Rajasthan state.

So, the state government has launched this scheme on the date of  2nd November 2020. However, the file of the scheme has given to the chief minister of Rajasthan State Shri. Ashok Gehlot for the approval.

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This scheme will help the MNREGA workers and get the full wedges of their work. In this article, we will give you all the information about the launched scheme and also gives the eligibility criteria of the scheme. If you are looking for a job or you are an MNREGA worker, then you should read this article.

About Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2021:

Under this scheme, the government will give encouragement to MNREGA workers. The MNREGA workers will get the payment for the work that they have done during the day. The workers of the MNREGA will get the maximum amount for their work is Rs. 220.

However, there are many workers who can not complete their work during the day, and due to that, they will not receive proper payment. So they can not meet their necessity. The Rajasthan government is launching this scheme for those workers who can complete their work.

Due to this scheme, the workers will get encouragement, and they can complete their work. As they complete their work, then they will get the proper payment for their work. MNREGA workers are not completing their work properly.

Or they are doing their work not properly. Due to that, the infrastructure development problem occurs in the state. This scheme will encourage the MNREGA workers, and they will do their work properly.

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The infrastructure of the state will also become good as the MNREGA workers will get RS.220 for their assigned work. We all know that this is a small amount. It is difficult for them to survive their life on this income.

Overall, there will be a huge number of workers who are going to get benefits from this govt scheme. The state government of Rajasthan did make sure to provide all the workers with some financial relief. So that the workers will be able to earn a sufficient amount of fortune to survive during this hard time. The new govt campaign will surely be going to help a lot of people.

So with the help of this scheme, the government will help the MNREGA worker to motivate and encourage their work. As a result of that, the workers can complete their work from time to time, and the quality of their work is also good.

Implementation of the Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign:

  • The Rajasthan government will make the register file a complaint against the worker who is absent. Due to that, the other workers will encourage them to do the work.
  • The government of Rajasthan will give the training to the MNREGA workers. The workers then can do their work better and complete it before the deadline.
  • The government is thinking about increasing women’s participation in the workforce.
  • The Rajasthan government will also provide encouragement among the workers to complete their work on time.