Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2020 to Make Community Outreach Mandatory in Higher Education

Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2020 to Make Community Outreach Mandatory in Higher Education

Rajasthan government will launch a scheme name Rajasthan Anandam scheme 2020. after listing the name of the scheme, all can assume that some of the benefits will be given to the citizen of the state from the government.

This scheme is based on another phenomenon. In every scheme, the government will surely provide benefits to the poor and needed citizens of India. Under this scheme, the students of the college will also provide benefits to the poor people and the needed people of society. So the student will get the satisfaction of the joy of giving.

This scheme is based on the ‘Joy of Giving’ phenomenon. This phenomenon is efficiently implemented in the scheme. So we will get a detailed explanation of the scheme and how the students will achieve the phenomenon of ‘Joy of Giving’ will also understand.

The scheme is all about giving happiness to other people who are actually in need. It is sure that there are so many poor people who are not capable enough to provide for their families. But with the help of this scheme, the state government of Rajasthan will make it possible to provide benefits to them.

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Let us now have a look at what the Rajasthan Anandam Scheme is all about. So that you can have a more clear idea about the scheme.

About Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2020:

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan state Shri. Ashok Gehlot will launch a scheme named Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2020. As we have early told you that this scheme is based on the phenomenon of ‘Joy of giving.’ The students of various colleges and universities will surely enjoy this phenomenon and contribute to society.

The students will also achieve the joy of giving phenomenon by giving the services to the needed community. They can teach poor students without any charges under this scheme. Rajasthan is the first state which has implemented this type of scheme in the state.

Rajasthan government is thinking of adding community service as a subject to the student. By giving the services in this subject, the student will earn the educational credit.

Effects of Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2020:

Rajasthan government will be made the community services compulsory for the students of college and university. The Rajasthan government has also got permission from the various colleges and universities of the state to implement the scheme.

Almost 20 lakh students from the various colleges and universities will now give the service under this scheme. The students of the colleges and universities have to work under the scheme by doing welfare work for society.

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However, the government will assign the work to the students, and accordingly, all the students have to complete their work on time. To implement this scheme effectively, the government talks to the colleges and universities to make this subject a part of the syllabus of the student’s education.

List of Projects in Rajasthan Anandam Scheme 2020

As we know that the government will give the task to the students under this scheme. The government can assign various types of task to the students. Here are some examples of the task that the government can be given to students.

  • The students can arrange the literacy programs to improve the literacy level of the state as well as the nation.
  • To improve the lifestyle of low-income people, students can take livelihood projects.
  • The students can arrange some types of activities in some areas to make them aware of the poor people for various government schemes that are useful for them.
  • To improve health in the COVID era, the students can teach yoga, health awareness, meditation, exercise to the poor community.
  • The student can advise the people to start the business from their homemade activities like Bharatkam, agriculture activities, the implication of art, etc.
  • To contribute towards the reduction of the effects of climate change, the student can arrange the environmental awareness program.
  • They can take the classes teaching animal care, first-aid training.
  • They can also constitute the projects to teach about the community garden, to solve the local problems that are spread socially, make their voice against the controversy, help to teach them how to solve a problem without causing any fuss.