Punjab Smart Ration Card Scheme 2020 – Apply Online / Check Status / List & Eligibility Details

Punjab Smart Ration Card Scheme 2020 – Apply Online / Check Status / List & Eligibility Details

The government is making too many efforts to implements the digital India programs. The government is applying many schemes into the nation that will convert the data into digital form. However, the state government will also implement the digital India program by announcing many schemes.

Here, we will talk about one of the schemes that will make the data in digital form. Punjab government has decided to convert their ration card into the smart ration card. They will implement the concerned process of the smart card scheme.

About Punjab Smart Ration Card Scheme:

This scheme is launched on 12th September 2020. The CM of Punjab, Amrinder Singh, has launched this scheme under NFSA. In the smart ration card system, the blue ration card will be converted into the smart ration card.

The ration card is one type of identity card used to get the advantage of the Atta-dal scheme. With the use of this card, the people can get various food grain like wheat, chana, dal from the government at a nominal price. The government has decided to distribute this card for the easy implementation of the Atta-Dal scheme.

Under this new scheme, almost 1.41 crore ration cards will be covered. The people have to convert their ration card into the smart ration card. This smart ration card will help the person as well as the government to implement the scheme quickly.

The ration card will help the poor people to get the ration from the government shop at a nominal price. This will help the poor people to get the measly price ration, and they can survive very easily.

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In this corona time, the financial situation of every person is weak, and they can get some kind of help from the government through the ration card. According to the CM of Punjab, almost 9 lakh beneficiaries will get the subsidized ration from the government.

Use of Smart Ration Card:

Smart ration cards will also use for getting the ration from the fair price shop of the government. The difference is with the use of smart cards, and the person will get the ration through e-PoS machines. If you have the smart card, then you do not need other documents for verification.

You have to go to the fair price shop and swipe your card to the machine, and your verification is done. You will get the ration from the shop. The person has to make biometric verification in the shop. However, the bio matric verification is required for getting the food grain.

Benefits of Smart Ration Card:

The government has decided to covert the blue ration card into the smart ration card. There are lots of benefits of the smart ration card to the government. The benefit for the government is that they can deliver all the food grain to the actually needed people without interfering with the middleman. However, through the ration card, The BPL family will get the subsidized food grain from the fair price shop.

Features of Smart Ration Card Scheme 2020:

  • With the use of a smart card, the people will get the wheat at Rs.2 per kg.
  • One of the significant benefits of the scheme is the food grain will be delivered to the doorstep of the person. This work is done by the department of the Punjab government food and civil supplies.
  • There are facilities available for the customer if they will not get their food grain as decided, then the person can go to the consumer court.
  • The wheat will be given to beneficiaries in 30 kg packing. That means the minimum amount that the person gets the wheat is 30 kg, 60kg, 90kg, accordingly.


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