(PMRF) Prime Minister Research Fellowship: (may2020.pmrf.in) Eligibility, Online Form

(PMRF) Prime Minister Research Fellowship: (may2020.pmrf.in) Eligibility, Online Form

This discussion is about the prime minister’s research fellowship program to boost the research department of India. We will provide you all the specifications and essential notification, eligibility criteria of the fellowship program.

You have to fill the application, and according to that, the concerned authority fellowship institutions will select the candidates according to the eligibility criteria and other application procedures.

In this article, we have given 100% to share each and every information of the Prime minister Research fellowship program. So that you will be able to have a more clear idea of what the Prime Minister Research Fellowship Program is all about.

Also, it will be possible for you to get a clear idea of the benefits that you are going to get due to this helpful program. The PM Research Fellowship Program is specially made for the welfare of the citizens residing in the country.

Prime Minister Research Fellowship Program:

The government of India has launched this scheme to boost the research level in India as we all know that due to the CORONA pandemic, the economy of the Indian nation is not at the right stage. The government is trying to improve the situation of the economy.

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However, without the help of Indian citizens, it is not possible. The government has launched many schemes for boosting the production sector of India. However, the manufacturing industry is not doing its good.

The government is also trying to strengthen the manufacturing sector too. The economic adviser gives the advice that if India wants to improve the production sector and manufacturing sector, then they have to enhance the research and analysis sector.

The research and development department is not doing its best in India. However, there is a leak of researchers, scientists in India who do some researches.

The people have an interest in doing services. As the services sector in India is on its top. The GDP contribution of the services sector is higher than in another industry.

By launching this scheme, the government wants to increase the research and development department of India. The more increase in research and development, the more increase in the manufacturing sector as well as  GDP.

The Main Objective of the Fellowship program:

The main aim of the government behind this fellowship program is to start the advanced research in considering the national need keeps in mind. That means through this program, and the government wants to increase the research programs according to national needs. Today, India’s import is greater than exports.

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To make India a developed country, an increase in export, and a decrease in imports is necessary. By increasing research and development in the nation, we can decrease imports from another country, and we can make things in our country according to our needs.

With this step, the forex reserve of our nation will also increase. As research and development increase, new inventions in science and technology will also increase. Under this scheme, the government will give money help to the fellowship program.

The government will provide financial help to the students of first to fifth-year students from Rs.70,000 to Rs.80,000.

Eligibility criteria for the fellowship program:

As we all know that the government will give financial help to the students of the fellowship program. Then the government has set the eligibility criteria of the scheme. That means If any person wants to join the fellowship program, then they have to follow the eligibility criteria of the shame.

  • The person in his first three years of bachelor’s or degree program in the any university of India should have secured a more than 8.0 CGPA and qualified GATE score.
  • The applicant should have to clear the GATE examination, and complete M.tech or M.S.  with 8.0 CGPA is one of the PMRF institutes.
  • The person should have to apply and get selected as a Ph.D. program in PMRF funding institutions.
  • If any institution has given admission to the students under the prime minister fellowship program, then the institute is responsible for the benefits that are given to the students according to the scheme.
  • The person has to fill the application form and pay the fees of the institute. The government will help them financially to the students. The beneficiary amount will be transferred into the bank account of the applicant.