PMAY U New Portal ( – Check List / Status / Services / Progress / App

PMAY U New Portal ( – Check List / Status / Services / Progress / App

Ministry of house and urban affairs department has launched a portal named PMAY-U. This is one of the schemes of the government to provide the house to the poor people and backward people f the nation, our Pradhan Mantri Shri. Narendra Modi has launched this scheme in the year 2015.

The aim of the government behind this scheme is to give the permanent house to the people who are living in the footpath. With the help of this scheme, the people can get their own house in free of cost.

Also, this scheme will generate employment in the nation as we all know that due to the CORONA pandemic, many persons lost their job. They can not get monthly income. Due to this, people can not fulfill their basic needs.

About government scheme Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Urban:

As we mentioned above that the main objective of the scheme behind launching is that the government ensures that every people in the nation can get their own house. However, the government only gives people who do not have their own homes.

This scheme has more than one phase. The government has launched this scheme in many stages. To implement the scheme efficiently, the government has found this scheme in urban areas and rural areas.

However, many phases of the scheme are already implemented in the nation. Now, the government wanted to do every process in an online mode. The online process is implemented in all ver the country as a part of the Digital India process.

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The digital India program has been launched by the government to digitize every process of the government system and make them easier for every people and remove the middle man in the whole process.

Under this scheme, recently, the government of India has launched a portal named PMAY-U portal. The main objective of the portal is to make the process for people more comfortable.

The people can quickly get information from the portal. However, the person has to download the portal from the internet. To download the portal, the person has a mobile phone and an internet connection.

However, due to lockdown conditions and this digital era, most of the people of the country can have a mobile phone and internet connection. So it is easier to get the information about the house from the internet for the person.

If any person had participated in the scheme and they have filled the application form for the scheme. Then on the portal, they will know the status of their application form and their house information. On the portal, the people can also know the other related details of the scheme.

How to use the portal:

The government has launched this portal for public use. The people can abe to know the status of their application form. However, the government put the name of the beneficiaries on this site.

The person can get the list of the beneficiaries on this portal only. With the use of this portal, people can know that if any person will get the benefits of the scheme or not? We will describe to you how you can check your name on the beneficiaries list on this portal.

  • The main website or official website of the scheme is
  • On the first page or homepage of the set, you have to click on the tab named PMAY MIS.
  • Then the list of the name of many people will open on your screen. You have to search your name on the list.
  • You can click on the tab Search beneficiaries to search your name. Out of many names, it is difficult to find your name.
  • To make the process easier, you can search your name on the site. You can click on the tab search by name. After that, you have to type your name.


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